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Thread: Anybody else find they have to many diapers?

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    Default Anybody else find they have to many diapers?

    I'm a bit of a pack rat and tend to keep things forever. With the boom in abdl manufacturers that's happened over the last few years I find myself ordering and liking many of the abdl themes diapers that are out there. I'm currently sitting on top of some of the pink teddy diapers from awwsocute when they first came out. Some bambinos and magnificos. Some rearz princess and safari. A bunch of abu preschool plastic. Some of the 2015 and 2016 dc amors as well as some of the older abuniverse diapers like the cushies and sissy back before they sold the company and stopped sucking :P. I also have about 7 of the cloth diapers from dependeco.

    I try to use them before I order more but I find it so hard to do when one of them comes out with a new style I like I have to order some to try and then more if I end up liking them. Since I don't use them at all other than for recreation and the occasional wetting I find they're staring to backlog on me. I can never manage to get through everything before somebody comes out with something new that I'll have to try. I'll end up ordering more and bolstering my supply yet again.

    I know some of you would probably kill to have the problem of to many diapers I'm just curious if anyone is actually having the same problem.

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    I would say I have too many of them as well, and that's because I'm only a part-time wearer, and I tend to buy diapers more often than I use them. So I always have stacks of diapers just sitting in my room.

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    I have too many also. I love the prints so I have tons of pull ups and what not.

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    I've got too many to handle and I'm still wanting to by more all the time. I should really start wearing them more often

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    There is a point at which my closet is full of packs , but since I wear nearly 24/7 I'm always buying more on a monthly basis. For me it'ss about making sure I have enuff diapers, always having a good stash

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    No such thing as too many. The thing is, i don't have enough.

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    When I go to my stash I often look over the diapers I have hoarded but have lost interest in and force myself to work my way through them before buying more or using those ones I love.

    Actually have that problem with M3s at the moment... would love to swap those out for some SDK or similar mediums if anyone locally is looking for older plastic backed M3s?

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    I probably have too many, but I really don't consider it a bad thing. Sure sometimes I stack too them high and they fall and open my closet door and I have to re-stack them. I seem to hoard a favorite diaper by buying in mass and then before using too many, I find a new favorite diaper which I buy in mass. I also have many packages of diapers which are no longer produced, so I try to save them only for special days since I won't be able to ever get anymore.

    Probably my biggest fear would be if my place caught fire or something :/

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