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Thread: Day and Night Incontinence during Hospital Stay

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    Default Day and Night Incontinence during Hospital Stay

    I am going to be admitted to a Veterans Affairs residential rehabilitation for Ptsd I have a neurologic bladder and require pull-ups during the day and tape up diapers at night. The VA issued my prescription for diapers but my issue is that more then likely I am going to have a roommate any advise will be appreciated.

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    Don't make a big deal out of it, people in hospitals need incontinence products all the time and if you will be able to change yourself they won't even be looking at what you are wearing. If they bring it up, just mention you are incontinent.
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    As the poster above stated don't make a big deal out of it. I was in psychiatric wards 7 times recently and I require tape on diapers. Other patients noticed I'm sure but never made mention of it (loos pajama pants and t-shirts make for almost guaranteed exposure). My visitors I know for sure noticed since the rooms didn't have any drawers so the diapers were just out on the shelf.

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    It's possible you could request in advance to be put in a room with someone who is ok with you being diapered. The nurses would then handle the awkward conversation with your room mate- before- you're already there and its too late to switch rooms.

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    yeah I mean I'd just roll with it. It took me a long time to get used to people seeing my diaper but I change at the gym now after my shower. It's pretty impossible to hide at that point but I'm not going to stop going to the gym over a junk bladder. Everyday a bunch of dudes in a locker room see me putting a diaper on. I don't care anymore, it's my underwear.

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    It's a hospital, I'm confident most people will be understanding, you should just focus on getting better without stressing about what your room mate might possibly think. Unless he annoys you about it it should be alright.

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    Just act normal. This shouldn't be anything weird. Especially in a VA. Even a roommate should be very understanding. You're brothers, even now. Try and talk if it seems to be an issue. Keep us updated.

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    I just sent a personal message to you about my RRTP stay just last month. I am a fellow veteran and will help out as much as I can.

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    Thank you,

    I tried to reply but i am a newbie and they won't let me. Hooah I appreciated the message

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    Thank you, As a veteran i know i will adapt it is just the unknown that kills me Thanks for taking the time to reply

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    What do you recommend me wearing at home I wear the army version of Umbro shirts and a regular t the good thing about the pt shorts is that they crinkle on there own.

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    Very true. the incontinence is part of my trauma so i guess i am going to be forced to work on my issues.

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    I'm at a VA hospital right now and I'm wearing 24/7. If anyone has noticed they don't say anything. I definitely crinkle, especially at night when I'm wearing just sweatpants but ambient noise covers it a lot and I lazily scuff my feet with slippers or sandals on to make cover-up noise. I did tell my roommate because it is nearly impossible to hide in a small quiet room, he was fine with it and said he won't tell anyone. In my experience at the VA, when you're around other vets, the brotherhood/love that exists is to the extent where you can share nearly anything of an embarrassing nature and have no worries. Some plastic pants over your diaper will muffle the sound a bit too. Make sure they give you something you're comfortable with, don't settle for the run of the mill hospital garbage. Talk to the nurse or pharmacist that gets them for you, they can call the person in charge of ordering and get you better products. Took them 3 days to get ATNs shipped in for me.
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