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Thread: Who has tried the Fabine Gold Max?

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    Default Who has tried the Fabine Gold Max?

    Thinking about buying a few, but wanna be sure it's not a waste.

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    Definitely go for it. I have only tried them once from my last wearing clouds order and I loved them and wished I got more than just one. Very thick and soft and very comfy. You won't be disappointed

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    They have the same cut and shape as all other fabines, which also use that horrible "no lower tapes" design. Like the others, this diaper does not allow for a snug fit around the legs -when properly fitted- and absolutely will leak before reaching even half capacity. They are a waste and will lead to embarrassing wet spots.

    Stay away from diapers with a cut like these unless you prefer wearing one size too small which otherwise compensates for their shortcomings.

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