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Thread: Wearing around parents and work.

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    Default Wearing around parents and work.

    Hi there!! I am looking for some advice on wearing 24/7 while still living with parents. Also i have a fear of wearing to work scared one of my co workers will notice. Anybody got any helpful advice?

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    In most situations if you're just wearing something thin and not wetting it, nobody's going to notice. Nobody's studying you trying to figure out if you're wearing a diaper or not.

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    In that situation, my advice is, just don't. If your parents don't know, they WILL find out. The trash alone will eventually give you away. It's a sucky situation, I know, but you will definitely get busted fairly quickly. You don't want those sorts of rumors or drama at work, either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babyjosh64 View Post
    Hi there!! I am looking for some advice on wearing 24/7 while still living with parents. Also i have a fear of wearing to work scared one of my co workers will notice. Anybody got any helpful advice?
    I understand this 100%. I live with my grandparents and they don't know about my fetish. I do wear around the house and in public. I sometimes wear to work for fun but I never use at work.

    I love wearing, especially in public. But wearing around my family is tough. I sometimes wear around my family but don't use till I get home. I am very ashamed of my diaper wearing still. I have changed in public before but it is very awkward.

    My biggest fear is still that my family will find out. I am considering getting an apartment for myself just so I can be more open with it. I really want to try higher end diapers but I definitely can't get them shipped to my moms house. And if I got them shipped here I would still run the risk of it being opened before I got home. I could get it shipped to a friend's house. But my mother visits that friend pretty regularly. And while I know he wouldn't open any packages, the lady he lives with might. Or at least question me about it.

    My only suggestion about wearing to work and the like would be don't act like you are wearing. By that I mean, don't pull down your shirt, try not to adjust yourself. Basically, act natural. Most people won't notice that you're wearing. The only people that might notice are other wearers, and they probably wouldn't care anyway.

    Do what you want to do. Be careful and be safe. But most importantly, have fun.

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    I have to agree with what has already been said. While the thought of being 24/7 is wonderful, I am sure. The actual reality is not the same. You have already expressed a fear of being caught and that nobody knows. Think of the fallout if one colleague, with a loose mouth, happened to notice. Let alone your family.

    But with all that said it is not impossible, it would just take careful planning and making sure you have the privacy to do it.I dont know your situation but when I lived at home I was more or less left alone by my mother. This meant I could casually hide everything under my bed. Having my own lace now everything is simply in a cupboard in my room. Once privacy is sorted, the day to day needs to be considered. You will have to decide if you will actually wet once out and about, if so, what product is discrete enough but having the security not to leak easy. Also being able to dispose and change in comfort and privacy.

    It would be worth it if you really want it but please just really think it through. One thing I noticed when I was a DL was extended use soon saw me not being 'excited' by them anymore.

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    Unless you live alone or with people who are okay with it, its best not to wear 24/7. If you're concerned about discretion, you're sacrificing capacity, meaning you'll go through a lot of diapers, which means a lot of changing and a lot of trash. That's plenty of opportunities to get caught, one way or another. I highly recommend against going 24/7 for any major amount of time. Maybe a weekend where you'll have some time for yourself, you can go a whole day or two.

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    The trash will be a giveaway. Going to be very noticeable

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    Keeping it from your folks is never going to happen. Parents especially mothers know everything it's their job. As for wearing at work if you are reasonably discrete no one will ever know.

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    If you wear 24/7, eventually, someone will notice; it's just how it is. Your shirt will ride up, or your waistband will sag; you'll leak and get a wet spot; something will give it away. Have a prepared answer in case anyone questions it. You have a condition which requires protection. They don't need the full details. It's none of their business. If it's your boss, he/she cannot use it against you, as it's medical. It's better someone knows you are wearing a diaper, than actually sees you wet.

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    Wearing around others once in a while is can be a cheap thrill. Exciting, even fun. Doing it 24/7 when you don't need to is a sign that it's becoming an obsession. Almost anything taken to that length can be a bad thing, and bears watching.

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