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Thread: 33-34 inch waist

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    Default 33-34 inch waist

    What diaper do you think would fit me, I don't know if I should go up to a medium because I'm afraid it won't fit and I will waist my money. Thanks!

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    33-34 inch waist is usually ideal for medium size diapers from most companies. I know for sure it's good for medium Bambino and ABU diapers, and for Abena, Tena, and dry 24/7 as well.

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    I have a 34" waist. I find that in most brands a LARGE fits me better. You'll need to try. The only diaper that seems to be realistic on the sizing is dry247 which I wear mediums in. Of course it depends on your body shape (I'm also 6'1" and male). The sad truth, is you'll just have to try them on. Many places will either give you samples or sell you a sample pack.

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    Waist or hips line?

    This makes a huge difference, trust me. Diapers are made to fit based on the waist size. This is just below your belly button, about an inch or two above the top of your pants. Pants on the other hand, are based on your hips size while misguidedly marketed as being your "hips". It's common for people to get the two confused because of this, then they come on here and start misdirecting others on what they actually need.

    A true 34 inch waist can probably be ok with a medium confidry24/7, but will need a size large in most other diapers. A 34 inch hips will likely need large in most any diaper simply because the average persons waist size is bigger than their hips size.

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    Diapers are supposed to be huge. They are not intended to fit like underwear. As long as they are properly fitted and do not leak then you'll be just fine with them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DLrvg View Post
    Thanks for the responses! Just for some info I recently tried a 2 pack of the Rearz safari and they were huge! This was in medium size.
    I consider diapers about the right size if the top tapes are getting about to where the fold is, leaving 7-8" or so between them. Okay for them to fit a bit farther out too, but too far out and the lowers can't reach around. Where are the tops fitting on you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    Where are the tops fitting on you?
    To be honest the diaper was up to my stomach! And I'm not 100% sure how to describe is but the diaper did not form to my body. It had like a lot of room and was not hugging my body. I guess what I'm trying to say, the Rearz I tried were to big.

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    You dont want the diaper tapes to be right on the end of the front wings. You want the wings to overlap a lot. Say, the front wings should go past your sides and the rear wings with the tape should go as far as to the sides of your groin. A large or Regular fits me really good. I have tried mediums and the tapes barely can land on the front wings.

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