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    If you are a fan of Crazy Ex-girlfriend, Rachel Bloom has a fun personal essay in today's New York Times about her late potty training at 4. She even makes a positive reference to AB's.

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    Very honest and to the point, a good viewpoint on this crazy community.

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    I especially liked: "I didn’t think the toilet was a monster or anything like that. Rather, it was an existential dread rooted in the fear of change. I liked my life, and I liked being a kid, and, in a way, using the toilet would be the first major step on my path toward the darkness of adulthood.

    I also really loved pooping in diapers. In fact, I vividly remember what it was like. And guys: We are missing out. Pooping in my diaper was always the high point of my day. I wouldn’t just shamefully sit in a corner and do my business; this was my thinking time. I remember walking around in my diaper as I went, daydreaming, talking to my imaginary friends, pontificating on the meaning of life. The relaxing act freed up my imagination in unparalleled ways."

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    I guess it takes all sorts. It is amazing how people can have so much in common but also have it all mean so many different things all at the same time.

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    This essay helps me think of my own situation differently. I'm on the autism spectrum but was still trained before I turned four. The author of this essay sounds neurotypical but it took her longer than it did me, which means that for me, it didn't have nearly as much to do with my condition as I thought before. But like her, for me, my hesitation was that I wasn't ready to "begin my path to adulthood", as she puts it, until I decided that I was ready. I was not afraid of the toilet at all - I simply wanted nothing to do with it. And now I'm coming up on 22 years old and I've returned to that mindset. The more things change, the more they stay the same!

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    ''And guys: We are missing out.'' [on pooping in diapers]

    Hell yeah!

    ''Change is inevitable, and, if you try to fight it, life will eventually take away your diapers and force you to grow up.''

    Nooooo I refuse to believe this! *Grabs a plushie and a pacifier*

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    Quote Originally Posted by KimbaStarshine View Post
    ''Change is inevitable, and, if you try to fight it, life will eventually take away your diapers and force you to grow up.''
    I was thinking more along the lines of "changes being inevitable". As life periodically hauls you, kicking and screaming if necessary, back to the table for your next change

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    "Change is inevitable, and, if you try to fight it, life will eventually take away your diapers and force you to grow up."
    *and everyone her shudders*

    Lol, good article. Nice to see the taboo brought out in the open in a national paper

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    There is a story someone wrote about this very concept: a girl who, though toilet trained for peeing, can't manage to do so for pooping, and now she uses diapers for that even in high school. I always thought it to be a rather odd and far-fetched conceit. Little did I know...

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