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Thread: Red faced at the airport

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    Default Red faced at the airport

    So last week I was flying through London Heathrow, diapered ofcourse, I'm not one bit bothered about walking through the scanner or nudescope with a diaper on, done it many times now.
    But what happened next left me a bit red faced, my hand baggage contained at this point 2 diapers, a Abena L4 identical to the one I was wearing, and a Dry24/7.
    I put the bag through the scanner proceeded through the nudescope thinking nothing about the whole thing, but my bag got bumped by the scanner and moved to the manual inspection belt, this is where things got embarrassing. the inspection dude told me he needed to look inside it, bang 2 diapers he pulls them out and puts them in a red tray along with misc items from the bag.
    At this point some Swedish or Finnish muppet comes along and stands right next to me, clearly he was in a hurry and wanting his bag which got bumped also. he'd not clear off and let the guy finish up my inspection and started to create some drama and got peoples attention from all around, and i'm stood there with 2 big diapers onfront of me clearly mine and lots of people looking over. URGH.

    Shame it was not a US airport that the scandanavian muppet did this in, he'd have been tasered and cadged for his behavior over stateside.

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    It seems to me you don't have any reason to be embarrassed. For all the people around you, the security (and me for that matter) know, you have a medical need for them. I would guess the most common thing people think if they even recognized them was that you're incontinent and have to have them. It's the same reaction people should get had that been a mother's bag with baby diapers in it.

    It was a bit insensitive of security to do that, and after they packed you up, had you not been so embarrassed, you could've asked to speak to a supervisor and explained how their staff's actions were humiliating and unnecessary.

    I've gone through airport security diapered once or twice, and never been caught. Never been through one of those back scatter machines diapered. Anyone been through a back scatter machine (the ones where you stand with your arms up and a thing rotates in front and behind you) with a diaper on? Those things are very sensitive and have picked up a folded paper towel in my pocket...

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    The backscatter machine, oh yes diapers stick out like a sore thumb on them, especially with the slightest bit of moisture, however its only the operator that sees this, not some Scandinavian muppet.

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    I had them go through a carryon that contained pretty much nothing but diapers once. All I got was a sly smile from the woman doing the search.

    Another time they asked if I had powder in my bag. I had forgotten that I did and they pulled it out. I asked if that was a problem and they said no, as long as they verified it was powder.

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    Ahh ya, I had a similar experience to this at one point, but no diapers were pulled from my bag, but for whatever reason, the scanner got set off and so they had to do a search and pat me down and check my pants and such. I have no idea what caused the search, it may have just been one of those times they decided to do a random search, I don't know.

    Now, the thing was, because of this, I was late for my flight. I had only gone outside to smoke while I could get the chance. So I was more nervous out of missing my flight than embarrassed due to what was happening. I was actually trying my best not to end up crying in front of everyone.

    With everything done, I rushed and it turned out my flight was late anyway. XD Quite a bit actually. I ended up having to spend the night at the airport because they postponed it till the morning.

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    I have shared this story before, but I will re-share it here. You think it is embarrassing if TSA finds diapers in your baggage? Well some time ago while traveling and passing through airport security, a series of events led to my own self being selected for a more thorough pat down. Since I was going to be patted down, and I was wearing a diaper at the time, I felt that surely the security agent would notice I wasn't just wearing normal underwear. So, rather than have this brought up in a loud question, I quietly informed the security person that I was incontinent (which was a white lie--but I wasn't about to explain I was ABDL) and wearing an incontinent pad, since I figured he would certainly notice it anyhow. Well, this led to the security personnel sharing (more than indiscreetly) to the other staff that I was wearing a disposable brief (which discussions were not kept from the others in the line that were going through security as well), and this led to higher level of security check.

    ...Now in my carry-on luggage, I happened to have an adult pacifier and some other diapers as well, which were searched, but that was a minor part in the whole experience. But these items were never even mentioned although they were certainly to have been noticed as they did a thorough search of my carry-on items.

    I was then led to a secure room where I was instructed to undress except to the diaper. A security person was there and explained that they needed to complete a more thorough check and patted down my then unobstructed diaper. I did not have to remove the diaper, but this had to be the most humiliating experience I have ever had. He used "the back of his hand" in feeling to see if there was something hidden in the diaper, but it really didn't matter. I was not all that scared because I certainly wasn't hiding anything dangerous, but I was humiliated beyond anything that I had ever experienced before or since.

    After this closed-door pat down, they then apologized for the additional examination, and I was allowed to redress and go on my flight without further interrogation.

    While you might think I would be angry about all of this, my reaction isn't one of anger, but just of caution for anyone else who might for the simple sake of just wanting to fly while diapered without really needing to. You need to understand the fact that TSA is out there trying to prevent another situation such as 9-11 from occurring. While I believe my own personal rights were intruded upon, I can't fully blame TSA for the actions that were taken. I am a pretty well built and healthy looking individual. For me to go through a screening wearing a diaper without any obvious reason for needing one, certainly could cause a bit of suspicion. This was a few years ago and while still a few years after 9-11, there certainly was a heightened concern over what could happen.

    I think things have improved since that time, but still, I share this story simply that others may know this is a possibility that could happen. If you are wearing diapers simply out of pleasure and are traveling passing through airport security, you should know that this same situation could occur. As I was not doing anything wrong and I did not try to hide the fact I was wearing, the ultimate outcome resulted in nothing more than embarrassment. But if having a TSA officer take you into a room and have you drop your clothes to show just the diaper and then have a more close examination of such is something that you would rather not have happen, then my advice is simply to not wear during the travel experience.

    What is the chances of this happening? Heck, I have no idea. But all I can say is it happened to me, and so I have to share that this certainly could be something that might happen to others as well.

    Other than being embarrassed, there is no reason to worry about it. It is all in what you are willing to accept as a possibility of happening.

    While you could scream violation of personal rights and privacy, I can't help but put myself in the shoes of the TSA agents that were just trying to do their jobs of protecting others from an event such as what happened on 9-11. While I don't think that I look like a suspicious individual, the fact that I admitted to wearing a diaper (I called it a protective undergarment due to incontinence) when I was not elderly or in any other fashion seemed like I might fit in a category of someone who might need to be wearing one, and the very real threat of something dangerous that could be concealed in something like a diaper, well... I hate to say this... but yeah, that does raise an eyebrow or two as to something that might seem out of sorts and raise a level of question that needs to be investigated to make certain it isn't some sort of threat.

    If someone who had alternatively been there in some sort of harmful motive, well then I give my applause and not criticism to the agents that were making sure that a harmful event did not occur. It is hard to be a critic, even though I was mortified, when you understand the whole reason this occurred was that individuals were simply doing their jobs to protect everyone.

    Sooo.... Should you wear a diaper if you don't need one while flying? That is entirely up to you. There certainly is a pleasure of wearing for multiple reasons. You don't have to use the icky airplane bathrooms, and it is a good time just to relax and enjoy wearing a diaper while traveling. But please do so informed that you might have a situation where you are questioned as to why you are wearing and that others (including other travelers around you) know that you are wearing.

    Teddy Bear Cowboy

    edit.. note: Since that time, and I have no explanation (maybe just chance) I have been allowed to pass through the expedited line and foregone much of the other common screening, including the "body screening" machines. So who knows...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TeddyBearCowboy View Post
    Oh wow ... I am glad they didn't have me strip down to that point when it happened to me. x.x

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarchinBunny View Post
    Oh wow ... I am glad they didn't have me strip down to that point when it happened to me. x.x
    Well... My delay, while humiliating at best, I still managed to catch my flight and didn't have to spend the night at the airport. Had I been running close on time, this certainly could have happened. The extra screening, taking me to a separate room and all, added about 45 minutes through the security process.

    Which is something to be considered if you do choose to wear while traveling in addition to the question of whether or not you might be willing to be discovered wearing a diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TeddyBearCowboy View Post
    Since that time, and I have no explanation (maybe just chance) I have been allowed to pass through the expedited line and foregone much of the other common screening, including the "body screening" machines. So who knows...
    Does make one wonder if there aren't some "non-public" notes on your flight record indicating you wear diapers, and can leave you alone if they're just spotting bulk in the crotch area...

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    This really just shows the more of a big deal you make it, the more the tsa will too. Going out of your way to tell them you're diapered only raised their suspicion, which is what led to the extra screening. The next time you went through you were probably more focused on your flight. They

    I've gone through their body scanner with a soaked diaper on before (late for flight). I was quickly patted down right there, and nothing was said about it. The reason, because I didn't pay my diaper any attention, and didn't act nervous about it.

    I've also heard a story about some guy who was paranoid of his hotel housekeeping finding a used diaper of his, so he decided to take it home with him in his carry on. When it came time for tsa to check his bag (after the xray), he panicked even more. He tried to stop them from looking in his bag, and that of course led to some serious screening and nearly getting kicked off his flight.

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