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Thread: "feeling high sometimes"

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    Default "feeling high sometimes"

    I don't do drugs, but I'm starting to notice some "red flags" for bipolar disorder.

    I should clarify bipolar does run in my family (father has it) and these "highs" are actually really concerning me.

    Missing sleep, and caffeine somewhat trigger these highs, now It's not like oh I'm hyper from caffeine, I mean my entire state of mind changes, I literally go from depressed wanting to kill myself, to staying up for days, feeling like a god, like I can do everything, and being very confident for no reason at all. Than something triggers me to get depressed for a week or so, might even be a couple days.

    Though in my "happy state", I somewhat can get very aggressive, I've had times where I've put holes in doors, and I end up hurting myself so much that I often don't feel pain until a day or so later, like literally in that stage of anger I feel no pain at all.

    Can someone explain this to me, It's mostly a recent thing, been going on for a couple years now, but I feel it's effects "amplifying".

    It's hard to explain the feeling, It's like my entire "state of mind changes" even shit days feel awesome in this mood. Even my anxiety "goes down" I usually don't get panic attacks in this state of mind at all, I'm usually relaxed "anxiety wise" no muscle twitches etc. but I am a bit "on the uneasy side of things"

    Right now I feel like a entire different person, like really, I don't feel like me, I'm not usually like this all the time, It's a awesome feeling actually. I feel like I can do anything and stay up for days, usually in times like this I end up being very creative.

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    I feel like that for several days after an iron distance race.

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    I'm not a doctor, but this does indeed sound like Bi-Polar. I'm not, myself, but I am depressed and anxious, and once, a couple of years back, I experienced manic episodes for the first time while withdrawing from discontinuing an antidepressant. It was a little bit like having a sugar rush as a kid, bit more intense and lingering. I'd become very talkative, and very excitable, but also quick to anger. What you are describing sounds very similar to that, and is probably indicative of Bi-Polar IMO. But as I said, I'm not a qualified professional, so take it with a grain of salt.

    (Now, WHY I had to suffer withdrawal symptoms after quitting an antidepressant too quickly is another story entirely. But mania is one of the chief symptoms of withdrawal from what I was on, somewhat counter-intuitively.)

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    If you're putting holes in doors and hurting yourself, it's time to see a doctor.

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    I remember there was a time I put a hole in the door because I was fighting with my sister. We broke a lot of things that day.
    All over who gets what bottle of soda *shakes head*

    She tried to give me a bottle with less carbonation, and I mentioned it and so she was like ... no there is no difference. I was like .. BS .. then you will not mind if we switch. She wouldn't switch, and it became an argument. She got irritated and poured the soda on my head. XD So I grabbed one of her sandals and opened the window. She was like .. don't you dare! She gave me a nasty look and was like "Fine" and she grabs my Gamecube by the handle on the system (Why is there a handle on the thing? Thanks, Nintendo! XD). She says again ... "Don't do it!" ... I look at her not actually thinking she would do anything to my Gamecube and toss the sandal out the window. Next thing I know she full force throws the GameCube onto the ground and pieces go flying.

    I drop to the floor in tears like someone just killed my pet XD. I freak out and go running after her and she closes the door, so I kick it and put a hole in it. She finally came out of her room and I went in there and broke her karaoke machine.

    The Gamecube still works and I still have it. There is a chip on the side of it and memory cards you kind of have to force in now XD.

    Pretty stupid fight really, we laugh about it now.

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    From the sound of it , it's pretty typical bi polar behaviour, bipolar tends to get worse as people age so this is all gonna get worse as you get older , the frequency of cycles will become more intense , you should see a doctor as soon as reasonably possible because as it gets worse it starts effecting your family life ,work life and social interaction , many people have mania effects right out of really good jobs or gotten depressed and found the comfort of staying in bed more compelling than work, get stabilize now and minimize the impact on your life.

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