So for the second time I ordered abdl items from Amazon. I ordered 2 abdl bibs, it will be my first bib as an adult. I'm still waiting for the perfect moment to feed myself while wearing it with my family not around. Some of you may know that I also ordered an abdl onesie a couple months back and I absolutely love it, I will only wear my bib with a onesie on and only wear onesie when I have a diaper on (obviously). I also ordered 3 abdl pacifiers. I already have 2 pacifiers but they are baby paci's and are made small. However these fit and contour my mouth better.
I'm also trying to look for a new ABDL "baby" bottle with a nipple that is big enough to get the full effect. I currently have a Phillips Avent baby bottle with like a larger baby nipple on it. It works fine I would just prefer to have something that works better. If anyone has any suggestions.
Links to the stuff I have are listed below.



Onesie that I bought before Halloween-