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    I was wanting build a supply that I use for the long term. For this I'm thinking of looking for a poorer quality diaper. Something I could wear primarily for comfort over use. So I guess I'm asking, is there a diaper that would be cheap enough and discreet enough to meet these needs?

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    As much as everybody hates Depends, they might be your best bet if you're not planning on using them much. They're cheap, pretty thin compared to premium diapers, and probably quiet enough now that they're cloth backed.

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    Diapers have a shelf life, as has been discussed a few times before here. My personal daily wear are ABU Preschool Plastic. They were designed to be a premium that isn't as bulky and is a little less expensive, for daytime wear. They do it well. They're still a functional diaper though. I went looking for awhile after snuggies regulars went out of production, and finally decided on these, I wear them daily to work.

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    Well that's also an issue. I only have so much room for them. So I would only get so much at a time. I was kind of hoping to replace underwear all together. I thought about cloth diapers, but they are too bulky for my needs.

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    Would compromising on pull up style be a good option if you are replacing underwear? can wear them but still use the toilet if you dont want to wet it.

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    I did this.

    I watch Craigslist for cheap diaper sales, and pick up extras (usually low quality) as I can.
    I have twice scored lots of 800 diapers for less than 200 bucks.
    I try to only buy taped diapers (they are usually cloth) and always avoid pullup type because I don't like them.
    I use these for at home use only, and/or for short duration wearing, 1 wetting, etc...

    The brands that I usually end up getting are:
    First Quality

    But I have also scored:
    Total Dry

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    Quote Originally Posted by KryanAshford View Post
    Sounds smart but what pull ups would work?
    I am no expert and can only speak of the UK market with an real authority. I have used tena lady pants, they are comfy and non bulky, but there will be others who have more experience

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    I just bought 8 packs of Abena M2's on Craigslist for $80.00. That's 192 diapers, for $0.42 per diaper, that has a reported absorbency level around 3100ml. Excellent for more discreet wear but still very useable and comfortable. Being an Abena, it's not the most durable thing and may have issues clumping and breaking down a bit, but they are still very viable and worlds better than anything else at that price point. These lighter weight, more flexible and discreet diapers will supplement my SBU Simples very well. I have a few days during the week that have 3 hour classes back to back with a lab right afterwords and the Simples are a god send for that time. There are other days that I only have one class for a couple of hours and the Simples are overkill in that setting.

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