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Thread: look for an ab/dl artist to commission.

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    Default look for an ab/dl artist to commission.

    I'm looking for an ab/dl artist or at least an artist that wouldn't mind doing ab/dl commissions. One of my stories (Abby's Diapers if you're curious) got taken down from wattpad, so I'm currently reediting and reuploading it. They didn't tell me what the issue with it was, and just to cover my bases I would like to commission an original picture for the cover instead of getting one off of tumblr so I can be clear of any copyright concerns. So someone who could use a story as reference would be great. Currently my favorite artist is Merunnya, but she's cutting back on commissions and I want someone who is more reliable i.e. someone I can commission to make covers for more of my stories. If you guys have any recommendations or can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.

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    try anywhere on furaffinity or deviant art, I'm sure someone there would be happy to draw

    you can try carnival-tricks over on FA i believe they have done some human abdl stuff but they might have some nsfw imagery in their gallery, just a warning!

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    I do furry / anthropomorphic art and furry / anthropomorphic ABDL art but aren't willing to draw human ABDL art. If it's furry ABDL art you're looking for to use as the covers I'd be willing to talk more about it.
    I don't know anyone else by username who draws ABDL art (human or furry) but I'd recommend checking out DeviantArt and Furaffinity like NeoTheFox said.

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    Check out Toddlergirl on furaffinity, very cute, innocent art.

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