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Thread: Expired Melatonin

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    Default Expired Melatonin

    I haven't been having an adiquite amount of sleep lately(probabbly a 5 hour maximum a night for the past month). Its starting to catch up to me. I get stomach aches and colds weekly. So, as opposed to medicine as I am... and with much motivation from my girlfriend, I marched to my cabinet to get my sleeping suppliment i used to take.

    To my dismay , it was 6 months expired. Its called melatonin and its natural. I have a question... can expired melatonin hurt me? If the side effects are minor I just might take it. But i dont want to get sick sick... so does anyone have an experience?

    Medicine stories?
    Sick stories?

    What do you think I should do?

    thanks guys <3

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    I don't think it's a good idea to take expired medication.
    Can't you buy anymore?

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    I Dont Know, My Melatonin's Not Expired Yet, As Far As I'm Aware.

    Its Not Purchasable, Wegs? I Had To Get A Perscription For Mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laram5 View Post
    Its Not Purchasable, Wegs? I Had To Get A Perscription For Mine.
    I didn't know you need a prescription. I'd go to a doctor at your convenience, and see what he says.

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    6 months really isn't that old. You may want to research it, but generally things only decrease in efficacy. It's not like it instantly goes bad on the expiration date.

    When I was much younger I had really severe asthma. During my teen years, it would flair up on occasion, but not that often. Sometimes it had been years since I had a problem, and I had to grab an inhaler that was several years expired. I never had any problems, and it still seemed to work okay.

    Of course, it's been a good number of years since I had any real asthma symptoms. If I had a problem now I'd be kind of screwed haha.

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    I didn't know you need a prescription.
    Well, Its Pretty Strong Stuff, Knocks You Out For 13 Hours If You Take 2, And "Groggy" After, As My Mum Puts It. 1 Has The Same Effect, But Your Not Really "Groggy" After.

    So Yes, Its Not Stuff You Can Just Go And Buy From A Pharmacy. At Least, Not Mine.


    "Bio-Melatonin, 3mg Tablets"

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    Sorry. I didn't know Melatonin was powerful enough to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wegs View Post
    Sorry. I didn't know Melatonin was powerful enough to do that.
    Why "Sorry" I'm Just Informing You...? Its Not Exactly Like I'm Telling You Off For Saying To Buy More?

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    you dont need a percription in my state

    im just unable to drive

    lol im kind of ocd about not getting sick because i have standerdized testing coming up >< so im aprehensive about taking it

    im trying hard to fall asleep lol im pistening to a history podcast.... but all its accomplished is giving me a hheadache

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