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Thread: How to pee a bunch?

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    Default How to pee a bunch?

    I really like to fill my diaper as much as I can, but I can never wet it as much as I want to. I know its dangerous to hold my pee for a long time but does anyone have any tips for peeing a lot?

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    drink generously? no need to go overboard. Just set a couple bottles of water by your computer at night while you're doing whatever, and sip on it. Aim for having the bottles empty by bedtime.

    I sip on something all evening long, and then drink a full glass of milk before bed. Has done wonders for my sleep, and always insures a moderately wet diaper by morning. (4-6 wettings typically) I wake up frequently overnight, so getting back to sleep asap is important to getting a lot of sleep overnight. Not having to make a potty run across a cold floor to a bright room several times a night has been a great help. So if I wake up and have anything noticeable in my bladder, I wet my diaper, then go back to sleep. Repeat all night long, every night. You don't have to wait until your bladder is bursting or even full, just empty out anytime you wake up. Works out better for your diaper also, less chance of leaking if you don't flood.

    Looked at from another angle, if you like wetting your diaper, you'll probably enjoy more smaller wettings than fewer larger ones.

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    Umm? Seriously, dude? You just drink a ton of water. I down about 3 or 4 large glasses of water quickly (within about 10 mins) to get the desired effect as I have had the same desire, as you Ian. After about an hour or two you will have to pee a bunch. Drinking water slowly lets your body absorb it (or so I have heard) so if you want to pass it you have to drink it quickly. I don't down a lot of water quickly just so I can pee alot often though as I am not sure if its putting undue strain on my kidneys. However, I would think it would also help with preventing stones. But I dunno. I am not a doctor and have not asked one. As they say: "Anything in excess is not good for you. Everything should be done in moderation" and that includes water. Or if you want it to happen faster then drink a diuretic like coffee, soda, tea, or beer (although you can't do the last one Ian since you are underage--something to look forward to when you hit 21).

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    Splenda is also a diuretic. Splenda-sweetened tea (you can find it premade in the grocery store cooler, usually near the orange juice) will put your kidneys into overdrive (typically every 20-30 minutes for me) after only a couple of glasses. It's one of the reasons I avoid the stuff when I can't wear. Definitely use a booster if you go this route.

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    If of age, drink a beer or two. That'll get things flowing quickly and often.

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    I would say get a good 32 ounces of water in you in around 30 minutes and then start drinking really strong coffee.

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    The best method I've found is Gatorade or pedialyte. Drink 32 ounces then 2 bottles/ glasses of water and your guaranteed at least 3 big wettings over the next 2 hours.

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    Beer and Coffee always make me pee a river

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    I drink two liters of water (part club soda) within one-half hour before bed. You will go all night long. Side bonus? good for flushing out kidney stones. I only do this once per week on average.

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