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    Hello Everyone

    When I retired I did not envision myself being diapered and wearing plastic pants and onesies. I had little accidents here and there, but nothing I couldn't handle. Most of the time any wetting occurred after I had used the bathroom. (I still have use of the toilet by going out the side of my diaper). Then one day I had a big accident and really soaked my pants while out in public. It was very humiliating and embarrassing. Something needed to be done.

    I decided to use pads when leaving the house but never felt very secure. I opted for pull ups which worked well. That is until side effects from all my medications caused me to have a diarreha event at a Walmart. I had to take my pants and shoes off to clean up. On a Sunday afternoon the bathroom was not very clean. My meds have caused this to happen five times in the last year alone. I now knew I needed briefs and snap on plastic pants. I kept everything secret except to my wife.

    A friend of my wife is a nurse. My wife asked if she could talk to the nurse about the problems I was having and I agreed. She said I really needed to see a doctor. I was still only wearing when going out. Unfortunately about that time, I had a heart attack at home and was hospitalized for a few days.

    Upon getting home I decided to wear all day. My wife fearing an accident in bed said she wanted me diapered and in plastic pants at night as well. She wanted to hear some crinkle when I got into bed. I was now 24/7. I went with a new doctor for my primary care. I revealed the incontinence issues I was having and she took down notes. During the exam she listened to my lungs. She saw the top of my diaper and plastic pants above my pants and questioned me further. I was shipped off to a urologist for testing. They ran me thru a uro-dynamics test. They found I had not one, but three issues going on.

    In the meantime, I was seeing a neurologist for leg tremors and having tests done there. It was concluded I have a compressed spinal cord which was causing the tremors and the incontinence. It requires surgery. Due to the heart attack, the surgery would be very risky and I am very hesitant to proceed. The tremors have pretty much stopped and I'm not in any discomfort. I will wait until I absolutely have to go. I can live being in diapers (which I've found I like a lot) and plastic pants.

    The urologist says she can do nothing more for me until I have the back surgery. She will see me next year for my next prostate exam. This year's exam looked fine. She prescribed a barrier cream with refills to protect against rash and chaffing.

    I finally got around to seeing a dermatologist for extreme skin dryness. She asked to do a body exam and I agreed but did mention I wear protection for my incontinence. She said was not a problem. After the exam she asked me what was my diaper regiment? She told me it was not good enough. She said after my shower she wants me to lotion up, powder down, and use a barrier cream wherever my diaper touches my skin. She also said I was not changing often enough and I have had to order an additional case of diapers to my automated monthly diaper delivery from North Shore.

    So for all that has gone bad for me the last 4 years, I now have three doctors officially instructing me on my diaper wearing and monitoring for any problems. I also thank my wife of 34 years for her total support through all of this. She's my best friend! Love You G! Thanks to everyone here for your support and care with the year I've been on the site. Its great to be able to discuss things here!


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    I had another talk with my girlfriend about me wearing diapers due to incontinence and she said it didn't bother her and it was no big deal. I continue to use/need tape up diapers 24/7. I wake up every morning with a wet night time diaper (Dry 24/7). I wear Tranquility ATN every day. She does not or has not offered to change me, but I have not asked yet. I think that she would help me if I needed it and asked.

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