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Thread: Your ABDL dreams

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    Default Your ABDL dreams

    Here's mine,

    I had a few when I was in a nursery.

    One when I was getting picked up from nursery and my mom had a pacifier in her mouth.

    One where both me and my brother were hiding pacis from our parents.

    One where I ordered a ABDL diaper, I was quite disappointed when I woke up!

    And my recent one!

    My mom was brought back to life despite her body being distroyed when she was cremated, her body magically went back to normal and I was scared she would have a low blood sugar or have another seizure again, she had this wierd revive button which was incredibly creepy!

    But in this one she was trying to understands my ABDLism which she never saw when she was alive, like if she saw it whilst she was in heaven! She just wanted to know whether or not if the ABDLism was going to get in the way of my future. She seemed to undrestand why I liked it and she said she suspected I was like that growing up, which she did in real life anyway because I would come back from seeing my baby cusion at the time and come back acting like a toddler.

    Next my dad came back home with some pacifiers which were way too small for me like he had just grabbed them without looking at them and got the least babyish looking ones and fobbed me off! (Couldn't be bothered to at least try!)

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    I had only one that I remember vividly. I was cuddling into a girl I liked at that point in time. It felt nice for a few minutes before I realized I was being put in a playpen. There was no toys inside. She slowly left the room and the house while I watched from nearby window. It was horrible because the reminder of the dream was just me sitting in the playpen watching for her return. It was like getting a piece of heaven before being set straight to hell.

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    I had a few, one where I was regressed in size to a little girl, one where I was taken care of by Grandma Thora of Arthur of all people, and dressed like a little girl. I even had one when I was younger before I knew about abdl, where Chuckie from the rugrats had this babying device, and anglica got in there somehow and got babied.

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    I've only had 2 or 3 dreams of me buying diapers. Its funny because in two dreams i was buying goodnites and they wouldnt come in packs, it was a basket of goodnites and i would buy as many as i can grab. And both times i would wake up before i could even get home.

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    I've had quite a few diaper dreams, and my very first one in my life was when I was 8 years old and I was in my house, and I was looking at myself in a mirror, and I was my 8-year-old self, but I was in a diaper. About a year later, I had a dream that I was a baby again and one of my schoolteachers was babysitting me and she was changing my diaper. That one was weird.

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    I had a really strong one last night, and it's been in the back of my mind all day, so seeing this thread is a great for me

    I was in some house all alone, and my cousin came over who I haven't seen in a good 10 years. She made a quick mention that she was into diapers and being an AB, and I lit up with "Dude, I'm into that too!". So she took off this big backpack and took everything out, which was a bunch of diapers and ABDL accesories, because she wanted to show me her stash. I got all of my stuff out and we put it all on a table, and whatever was missing from her collection, I had owned, and she was pretty damn excited.

    So her mother then came in and offered to pad us both up and dress us up and care for us. We jumped at the chance, and we had a fantastic time crawling on the floor, drinking out of bottles and being rocked to sleep together.

    I suppose it was kinda weird that my cousin was there instead of a stranger, but I don't care. I haven't seen her in a very long time, and from what I remember she was pretty damn cute. That's good enough for me

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    I had a scary and disappointing one, I went into my dads car because I was being picked up from shopping, so I brought my bags of pampers which I bought 3 packs of for some reason and my booster pads were in there too, my mom and dad found the bags that I forgot to bring in and asked me about why I had 3 packs of pampers nappies and lots of incontience pads when I went shopping.

    In the dream I explained I just liked wearing them and then I put them in my wardrobe. This is the first dream I had in where I got caught! At least I got off lightly!

    I was very disappointed when I woke up and looked in the wardrobe only to find my stash completly used up!

    - - - Updated - - -

    At least I never been caught in real life!

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    I get those more often than not. I would always have dreams where i find actual adult baby diapers in my closet, like i found, Cushies, Little Pawz, DC Amor etc. I guess i have a strong itch to get into some ABDL ones instead of just the store brand ones. I clearly remember one dream i had I was in a bonet and a big pee soaked diaper, someone came up behind be and dumped melted chocolate down it and pushed me down on my butt. Yeah i know it was pretty weird.

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