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Thread: This just needs to be addressed.

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    Default This just needs to be addressed.

    Yawgmoth is my boyfriend, yes. But I'm very sad that hardly anybody has added me when I've been on for a while.

    The general consensus is that you're all scared of Yawg.
    Well knock it off, geeze.

    Just you know. Keep the suggestive comments to a minimum, and for god's sake, don't be afraid to add me. I would very much like to have some friends on here. D:

    Thanks, that's it.

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    Get to know people; go to them first. Add them first, and they'll probably add back.
    I just think that making a thread about it will cause a a shit-storm...or be ignored.

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    You're who, now?

    Looks to me like you're barely out of newbie-dom with 21 posts, and I think I've seen you in IRC a time or two. I'm not saying there might not be someone out there who was just dying to send you a friend request who was getting some kind of a cold shiver at the thought of Yawgmoth's reaction, but I think it's more likely that most people just don't know who you are (or remember you're connected with him, or even remember Yawgmoth) or what you're about enough to call you a friend yet.

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    Yawg-who? Nah, I know him, but he rarely posts, and not many people know him. You say it as if he's a huge celebrity. As far as people not adding you as friends because of him, well I don't know what to say there, if someone doens't want to add you, then they don't want to add you. Adding people as friends on here doesn't really have much of a purpose. If you're friends with someone, then you don't have to add them. Just knowing that you're friends with them is enough. If you want more friends, then you should be more active. I haven't seen a post from you in a while (not that I really check threads as much), but if you want to be noticed, then post more.

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    Maybe you could post enough for us to actually fucking remember you. Or get a temp ban, that works too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ellipsis View Post
    Maybe you could post enough for us to actually fucking remember you. Or get a temp ban, that works too.
    Only you would suggest a temp-ban to get famous

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    This isn't like some other sites where people add random peeps straight away.

    In fact, some people don't 'add' anybody. Adding people to your friend list is pointless, unless you blog or post pictures and want to restrict some of those to a 'friend only' list. So some people don't add people, and many who do only add those who they know.

    That aside, the best way to get chatting to people is to post often, and to visit the IRC.

    As for Yawgmoth, I haven't seen him post for quite a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsukuni View Post
    Only you would suggest a temp-ban to get famous
    I have experience.

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