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    Hey, I wanted to make a post relating to my last to those who may be interested in what the doctor told me.

    I was asking for help in my last post due to a new problem I was having (wetting the bed). And I said I was going to the doc on Thursday and basically i thought i'd tell you instead of you just wondering what might have happened. So basically like I said my mom picked me up from school and she brought me to our family doctor at some pediatrics place, and we talked to the doc and i told him about a few things and crap he did the basic doctor stuff and what not (looking in the ear, mouth and crap) so he said I have a possibility of two things and we won't have a 100% sure idea until he can have me come in for an X-Ray/Examination, so he said the problem could be hormones and said that some teens who are going through puberty and have a small bladder that the hormone imbalance could cause these problems and said I would be just fine after a while, the other possibility is I have an infection of some kind or my mind is too preoccupied when I am sleeping or something like that (I have ADHD and he said that the two aren't completely related but there is a possibility that my ADHD could be causing it). My dad still calls bull crap, and my mom is trying to work with him and such, but she feels bad she doubted me in the first place. But anyway, today the doc or whoever called and we made an appointment for an X-ray and crap on Tuesday.

    I just want to take a moment to say that I feel bad for all of those who have to go through this and it has opened my eyes to another world that I never really had to deal with until now, and I wanted to say I have no idea how you guys are able to stand this, honestly nothing has really rocked my world like this and I am struggling to find the goodness in all of it.

    I also wanted to thank Mike and the others who tried to help me in my previous post I appreciate it immensely. - Easton

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    My Doc would have tested a urine specimen on the spot ,or done a quick sonogram that will give you a lot more info then an x-ray , oh wait just looked and saw where your from , that explains it all , that's were my wife is from and the Doctors are not the sharpest crayons in the box .

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