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Thread: Favorite childhood diaper?

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    Default Favorite childhood diaper?

    So even though I am still in Goodnites (which surprises me that they still fit me at 20), I would still have to say my favorite childhood diaper would be Goodnites, if you can even call them diapers. The diaper that got me back into wearing and using was a Pull-Ups 4t-5t i basically stole from my old elementary school around 7th grade. What was your guys' favorite childhood diaper/pull-up?

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    Mine would have to be the Luvs for Girls from the late 80's early 90's. They are my experience of the perfect diaper. And the girls version at the time was the most adorable shade of pink.

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    I also fit in Goodnites well since I'm only 120 pounds despite being almost 22; I'm just a bit on the small side. But to answer your question, my favorite from when I was actually a baby is a specific unisex brand of Toys 'R' Us diapers with Muppets waist panels dated 1997, when I was two years old. We still have a box that those diapers came in that we now use to store magazines and stuff. My mom (who did all of the diaper shopping) has always preferred store brands over name-brand items, and based on the "specs" that often appear on the backs of most diaper packages, it looked like a decent diaper for the day.

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    The plastic backed Barney luvs brand diapers which I got from my little brother. When I was a baby I wore drypers brand if anyone remembers those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littleboy904 View Post
    When I was a baby I wore drypers brand if anyone remembers those.
    I have an old box somewhere in my house of Drypers training pants that I believe had Sesame Street prints on them. They would have been from 1998, since I was well past my third birthday before willing to give the potty a try. And now I'm 21, turning 22 in May, and I'm back to sometimes refusing to use the toilet. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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    I don't remember what the drypers actual diapers looked like. Wish I could find out, but unfortunately they don't make drypers in the U.S. anymore so I can't find anywhere that has a pic of what they used to look like. When I wore them it was when I was a baby though from 1991-1996.

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    as my memories are kind of foggy in the 80s, going to guess probably pampers

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