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Thread: Most Accepting Country or Places for AB/DL

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    Question Most Accepting Country or Places for AB/DL

    Hey everyone. so im really interested in knowing the demographics of understanding sexuality and similar stuff. Out of curiosity, where would people have the most understanding of strange fetishes etc.

    In other words, where would people have the most open mind when it comes to taboo subjects ??

    Any input would be appreciated!

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    Gay head lighthouse beach , Cape Cod Massachusetts, I pick there because it is a nudist beach, with visitors from all around the world gay, straight, completely unsure , and when I was there I found a book from a library in France all about sex and bondage , everything from knots ( and not the kind I learned on the Fire department ) to leather straps and positions to tie your lover in for access shall we say . I asked a friend who read and spoke French and she turned bright red and would not discuss the book with me in public or private and could not believe that I found it on the beach ( it's really overdue to be returned ,then again I did not borrow it ) . If you ever go there I recommend the clay pits , one of the few natural clay pits in the world , get in smear it all over from head to toe , lay on the beach and let it Bake on, run into the ecean and repeat over and over , you will feel so good and your skin will be awesome after about the fifth time you feel like a whole new person . Anyway lots of cool worldly people with many kinks to talk to , Kinks, sex domination and submition are all spoken fluently and commonly there.

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    I think there are a bunch of places, honestly. All along the U.S. West Coast is pretty accepting, and there are a number of enclaves in the northeast and around Chicago too. In Europe, the Netherlands is known for being pretty open off the top of my head, but we've got members here from all over the place, so I'm sure they can answer with more.

    I think the important thing is actually more at a micro level though. Even liberal places have some enclaves that are more accepting and others that are more conservative areas. You want to look for a more open neighborhood if you can, and sometimes there are shops or other places in an area that specifically cater to various kinks and fetishes.

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    Philedelphia has a pretty awesome store that carries 1,000's of different condoms from micro penis to godzilla from all over the world and from what I have heard if you want to know anything about the local color they will know ,because they are hooked in with the high priced concierge services , where literally knowledge and money will get anything you want anytime . One of the sales people was an ABDL who wore to work , I new them personally and they could tell stories of customer encounters that would blow your mind and curl your nose hair , and none of them involved cheese steaks !

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