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Thread: Best diaper for the fit.

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    Default Best diaper for the fit.

    So I have tried the Abena M4's, weirdly I have not run out of them yet, but they just seem too large for me, even when the tapes are completely stretched inwards and attached. There's a weird space in between my stomach and the diaper that I really don't like. My waist size is around a 32 to a 34 and I weigh around 200 pounds and I'm 6'3". I'm open to both Pull-Ups and actual tape on diapers, but if you have any Pull-Up diapers, go to my thread that I posted onto Diaper Talk about 5 minutes ago. I haven't gotten into the taped diapers as much as I have, and I kinda want to, because even though Pull-Ups still somehow fit me, the absorbency isn't the greatest. I'm kinda looking for a diaper that is like a really snug fit, and this is hard to find in taped diapers, but one that kinda swells up and shows wetness like a Pull-Up. All recommendations I'll take! Kinda want to get the Race Car or the Star Diapers from I believe UnderCareWear, but I'm not sure how well they perform. Thanks!

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    And yes I know basically nothing swells up like a pull-up because it's so thin, but I want a diaper that gives the feeling of being wet. Looking for good diapers that are good for wetting, I'm not into messing, too much work to clean up after and too noticeable of a smell.

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    That's odd that the m4 isn't fitting, as you seem to be exactly in its size range. It may just be that rise is to high. Dry 24/7 in size small might fit you closer to how you want. Their sizes run big, so the small is closer to the medium in other brands. I find I'm smack in the middle of its size range with a 31 inch waist @ 5'11 and 140lbs.

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    Yeah basically, if I can, I'll take a picture and show you what I mean. Like there's just a like 2 inch or 1 inch gap where the diaper goes to my waist. I'd rather want a diaper that's like tight around my waist instead of having some room

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    I've had leaks in most disposabls. [I] now use a cloth pull -up diaper over a dry 24/7 (as a diaper "liner" so I don't get a mess on my cloth diaper. Yes, they are thick but I dress appropiately.

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