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    Default Diapers just feel good

    Hi diapered friends or hopefully friends. Guess that's why we're here, to be among those who wear secrets yet wish they could find something in common with others who live with similar secrets that would gather in a safe place where personal choices are not limited by judgement.
    As I enter with understandable fear, nervousness, and anxiety, I do so because of a stronger drive to hope to find others like myself.
    Why risk so much: blackmail, coercion, embarrassment, jail, life, even hell itself? Because we all need others. Man is a social creature like all other creatures in the universe. We cannot exist alone. Ideally we hope not to just defeat isolation, but to find the one universal constant: love.

    Plus I just think wetting warmly feels great and find girls in wet diapers hot, hahaha.

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    Sorry never wear diaper just hope to understand my baby or child side

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    Hey. Welcome and by the way I'm incontinent as well.

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