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Thread: Who do you modify your baby nappy.

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    Default Who do you modify your baby nappy.

    Yes I know you may have heard this before but I thought it would be good to bring it up so recently I found this video on the internet.
    4 ways to convert baby diapers in abdl diapers

    Since they are 4 ways and since they all involve going to the website that a person has put down I though we can do better.
    Also they is only four ways in this video as well.

    So How do you modifiy your baby nappies so that they can fit you?
    Is it simple or do you get creative?

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    Or i put a baby one in adult diapers

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    I cut off the sides off a drynite pullup, make sure you have 4 sides cut off.

    Staple the 2 of the sides together at the ends, make sure the lines are verticle. Do the same with the other two.

    Cut of the tabs on a size 6-7 baby diaper

    Staple the tabs onto the drynite straps you have created.

    Staple the straps onto where the tapes used to be, make sure you put it so the straps meet in the middle of the back of the diaper.

    (You may need to experiment with this as waist sizes are different and I couldn't really explain this very well

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    For a pullup type diaper that normally tears, just cut through the sides and then staple the sides back together. Works really well for me.

    As for baby diapers, what i do is, cut the waistband off of old underwear. And make tab extenders out of it. Then just use a stapler to attach them!

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    Kinda what I do, I reuse the drynites straps by unhooking the straps and make new ones when they rip

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    I Have used defective X-Pluses and Dry 24-7's as Ice packs I cut them up carefully and put them in a quart sized zip lock bag and add water and close them up and toss in the deep freeze ice box . they last for at least 4 applications before the zip lock bag fails.

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