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Thread: Indiana Mitchy - Safari Diaper Review

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    Cool Indiana Mitchy - Safari Diaper Review

    Pros: High Absorbency. Cute Print. Perfectly snug fit on a 32 inch waist.

    Cons: High Price. Imported product.

    Of note I find the Rearz web site to have a lot of neat stuff... but the web site itself is so stock it's an eyesore to me.

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    As are all of your videos. Clever, fun, informative, great.

    Thank you Mitchy.

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    Thanks. That was pretty funny, but you need a another person to say "throw me the diaper and I'll give you the whip." I'd try this diaper, but since I wear 24-7 due to IC and I'm not rich, it's probably not going to happen. Also, I agree with you about the Rearz website. They really need someone to redesign it.

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    Video will be unavailable for a short time I have to make some copyright related changes, even though the work I utilized stated it was royalty free. This happens and is not fair to me since I put a lot of work into things...


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    Bummer. They must be upset by all of the million$ of dollars you are making from their material. Mitchy, you should be more understanding to those less fortunate than you. You know Paramount has been struggling recently.

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    iirc, "fair use" covers personal viewing. (and usually educational use also) They're highly allergic to any "performance" viewing, and this may have been seen that way. Even if you're not charging for it, you're a distributor now. This considerably changes things in their eyes.

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    No In all fairness I monetized it but the material I used in question was from a Youtuber which stated this audio is royalty free and you may use it in a monetized video as long as it's not one of the songs they monetized on they're channel. (Which it was not monetized)

    I've had this issue several times.

    I've even tried to be legit - I've PURCHASED music that stated I could use it online for productions and had it fail copyrights which is ridiculous. Don't get me wrong - the money isn't really as important as entertaining people... however - If I make money I can afford more things for more videos. Ever since I made a point to monitize and correct these issues that stop me from doing so Ive started making some tiny revenue. So far I only recieved one check since like 2006?(I guess not that old but I had a different channel on Youtube in the beginning) for $106.00 on Youtube. This is dwarved by my personal expenses buying equipment to film the BabyMitchy TM. (Kidding) channel.

    I am nearing my second ever payment from Youtube at $86.00 of the minimum 100.00 but I am considering just upping it to whatever the max is like 1k or something so that maybe - oh - I dunno in 6 years I can make a chunk all at once to put to something worthwhile.

    p.s. I respect others copyrights - I really do. But the audio copyrights are so overprotected and the visual components are treated like chopped liver. So if I spend 16 hours putting together *fantastic visuals but I have someone elses song - they get to take all ad revenue and the person with visuals get's nothing? Hmm......

    *Ok maybe not fantastic.

    p.p.s. Repaired video coming tonight or Tuesday - I might as well add some stuff to it to make it fresh.

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    If the claims you're getting are ContentID then you should be able to dispute them referencing the original licence, and if you purchased the tracks, a copy of the receipt for them. ContentID has no way of knowing if you have the rights to use the music, just that it's there.

    Though then there's always the troll organisations that claim they're the owner of the music when they're not...

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