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Thread: ABU Preschool plastic sizing

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    Default ABU Preschool plastic sizing

    I am interested in trying the ABU preschool plastic diaper. I am a 36 waist and 41 hips.

    ABU preschool sizing is:
    Medium 28-36"
    Large 36-46"
    Xlarge 46-56"

    Is this for waist or hips?

    How do ABU preschool compare to Dry 24/7 as far a medium sizing?

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    Samples are the way to go. Having said that, Dry 24/7s are essentially one size larger than other diapers, so plan accordingly.

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    Trevor's correct, they are about a size larger so whatever you end up ordering, keep in mind your size for the 24/7's.

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    I will go along with what they say. Go for the Dry 24/7's.

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    Dry 24/7 mediums are super close to most companies large. The first time I ordered from Abu I ordered mediums as that was what size I wore in 24/7s, they fit but just barely and they didn't fit like they should. I would have to agree that trying a sample pack of the two sizes would be the best route.

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    Sample pack ordered.

    This will be a test for potential new daytime diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleICme View Post
    I am interested in trying the ABU preschool plastic diaper. I am a 36 waist and 41 hips.
    Sounds pretty close to my sizing. I wear ABU in size large, and I calculate my waist measurements for 42 overnight, 41 daytime. Since I tape up my diaper and pull it up, I have to know right where all four tapes go on the various models. For preschools, the ends of the top tapes hit exactly where the factory folds are on the front. I'd call that just a few inches shy of "smallest practical fit", where the front tapes are getting close to each other. Since the preschools don't have front elastic, you're not deleting elastic from the fit as you draw in the tapes so it's much less of a deal. (they DO have rear elastic) My lower tapes are out about 1/2" each. So there's still plenty of room for me to "expand". I don't know quite where I'd place the maximum waist, maybe around 50".

    As I am near the minimum size, and you are smaller than me, it'd be a good idea to get a few samples. In reality, both M and L will probably fit you, but will fit differently, and you need to try them to decide how you want your diaper to fit. It's been my experience that diapers that I'm near the maximum size on tend to fit short and pull up in the middle, leaving no "drainage channel" in the crotch and are more prone to leaking overnight, so medium may simply be a bad risk for you. But the preschool have been making excellent daytime diapers for me. Overnight I prefer something a little thicker, but most nights (like last night for example) they would probably have been fine too. They're good performers.

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    Diapers are almost always sized based on the waist line.

    Remember it isn't just the hips size that matters, there's the front to back rise and the diameter cut around the legs. All of this gets scaled up or down with the diaper's size, and needs to be taken into account.

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