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Thread: Question for Christians out there.

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    Default Question for Christians out there.

    I wanted to get a feel for what some other people with the same beliefs as me think about being ABDL and Christian. Can they coexist?

    I'm also exploring the topic in my blog and would love some general questions or thoughts some of you may have that are unanswered that I could approach discussing. If you're interested in the blog the link is here:

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    They can coexist in my opinion. I'm a Christian. I think as long as you don't idolize them or use them as a masterbating tool, it really doesn't go against any of our beliefs, ya know what I'm saying? I still have mixed feelings about it,though bc it feels wrong, ya know? Something I'd like to discuss more, with fellow Christians, as well...

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    I'm personally not religious, but I do know my fair bit on scriptures so I hope this'll help.
    It can be a kinda grey area because Judaic/christian scripts don't have any reference to AB/DL, what it is, or whether it okay to do. Unless you're a devout Catholic and the pope has something to say about it. But as far as I know, no pope ever has. The only factor I can think of that would determine AB/DL qualifier as 'sin', would be the sexual nature of the act. But AB/DL isn't a sexual act by definition, it's a form of role play or acting. It doesn't have to be a sexual thing, despite what media or even religious authority might say. Because unfortunately, AB/DL as whole is often painted as fetishistic despite the latter.
    In any case, I believe you aren't doing anything wrong in the eyes of christianity. Otherwise every actor who ever lived would be going to hell.

    I hope this helped a little. It's nice to see and talk with people of different beliefs who share the quirk we all have here.

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    I'm a church music director, and I suppose it used to bother me, but it's something one puts into perspective. The definition of sin is anything that separates a person from God, which pretty much is everything. We all sin, and almost with everything we do. Watch television, that's a sin because you aren't in prayer and one with God. From a theological standpoint, God know this but forgives us anyway, unconditionally.

    Like eagle 1 said, don't let diapers become your golden calf. Keep it into perspective and balance with the rest of your life. If you live the Christian lifestyle, caring and giving to others, following the teachings of Jesus, you're far ahead of all those hypocritical Christians were heard from during the last election. They're the ones who should be alarmed. I'm referring to the ones who espoused hate, bigotry and threatened others with violence.

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    Interesting thoughts. Thanks for the reply. Check out these thoughts on it and let me know what you think!

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    They can, people just need to realize love even if it isn't comfortable

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    The great commandments are to love God and to love our neighbor. I do not see wearing diapers as violating either of these.

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    Coexist with Christianity? Yes. Coexist with some expressions of Christianity? Probably not. Some denominations teach that any sexual expression/action outside of a marriage between one man and one woman is sin. Masturbation, lusting after another person, "impure thoughts", are all forbidden. Some would insist that any sexual relations between a married couple is for the purpose of creating new life and attempts to block that from happening (birth control) is a sin. Associating pleasure with sex can lead to all kinds of sin.

    BUT, that is not the norm from scripture. These feelings, desires, ability to enjoy sexual release (even ones own body in privacy) are gifts of God. Acting on them in violation of another person, including hurting them if they knew (such as a spouse cheating), doing something in violation of the other person's consent, etc., is always sin. Nothing in this teaching would condemn a DL, even as a tool of masturbation. When you listen to some political figures it sounds as if just about anything sex-related should be banned. But that's wrong. Sex is a gift of God. Wearing/using diapers when not needing them for a physical condition (such as a means for sexual release or comfort or enjoyment) hurts no other person. They may be offended or repulsed, but that is their problem, not your's or God's.
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    yes they can actually, The Bible is noticeably vague on topics such as pre-marital sex, fetishes, and sexual experiences for pleasure. in fact, there is absolutely nothing in the bible that addresses these topics.

    the only references that these topics get, are modern individuals choosing to interpret specific passages to fulfill their agenda.

    so I think that tells you everything right there.

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    Hey, if Christians can twist their beliefs to also be highly educated scientists, then I'd say it's more than possible to pick and choose what ever you want.

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