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Thread: Superintendent may have seen diaper supply

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    Default Superintendent may have seen diaper supply

    Did he or didn't he? See my diaper stash, that is. I may never know for sure.

    So I was coming back home after my usual six mile run yesterday. The path conditions were terrible because of a sudden rise in temperatures that melted all the snow and formed puddles that had the depth of swimming pools. My feet were soaking wet and felt frozen from having run through so much cold water for six miles. All of this is just to say I was tired, cranky and I just wanted to take a shower and stuff my face when I finally got home.

    I opened the door to my apartment to see a flood of water on the floor in the living room with water coming through the partition wall and flowing through to the bottom and coming out by the baseboards in the living room and the bedroom. There was also another area in the kitchen where it was pouring down from the cupboard area and landing on the counter, kitchen floor and another area of the living room.

    I live in a top floor apartment and I think the sudden change in temperature with the massive snow falls we received caused the leaking and flooding.

    Anyway, I went and got the superintendent who I had just spoken to in the elevator and saw him getting off on the second floor. I found him and he came up with me right away. We both started mopping, cleaning, getting buckets and towels, while trying to determine the cause as it continued to flood.

    Because of my surprise and urgency of the matter, it was several minutes before I realized I hadn't hidden my diapers from view. I live alone so having them out in the open isn't normally a problem. I didn't realize until he went into the bedroom that I hadn't hidden my diapers but it was too late to do anything about it by that time. He was in front of me and I would have had to knock him down to get past him and put them in a less visible area, which would have only brought his attention to them. The other door was by the entrance which has my diaper supply with about seven packages in full view. He had already passed by that door several times before I realized my stupidity and shut the door.

    We were both very focussed on the emergency of the flood and containing the damage so it's possible he didn't even notice. I mean, I didn't even notice they were out in the open because I was freaking out about the flood. The landlord was great in coming over to inspect and he got some contractors to come in and do some emergency patchwork to the roof. The flooding stopped completely by about 9p.m.and it seems to be fine.

    I'll just be wondering from now on if my super saw my diapers. Being IC, it's not a big deal, so I'm not bothered nor do I intend to bring it up. I should just probably be a bit more cautios in the future of leaving my stuff out in the open. Just close the door, Starrunner, it's not that hard.
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    On several occasions I have had people in my office look directly at a diaper I had in hand while on the way to the bathroom (I stopped caring about hiding them in a backpack years ago and just take them from my car to the restroom now). When talking to them later on, and discretely poking about it, I've come to the conclusion they still have no idea it was a diaper or that I am incontinent. In fact I outright told one coworker I was sure had to of know already. Nope, he didn't even have a faint clue at all.

    Have you ever heard of the selective attention test? Go to youtube and take it yourself. You'll see how something so obvious to some can be amazingly and easily overlooked.

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    Priceless. The whole flooding vs. diapers vs. coming in from a wet run thing is a complete package. It's almost something you would expect in a dream. Water everywhere, in every context... then you wake up to find you just wet the bed.

    My money is on "didn't notice". When you're in the middle of an emergency, focused on what you're doing, it's amazing what peripherals can go right by you. Or him. Or 2 or 3 days later it will come to him. "Wait.. what? Did I see what I think I saw?" Either way, don't expect to hear anything.

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    Personally, I wouldn't even care if they did happen to see. I mean, of course, I might be a little embarrassed at first realizing it, but then would just shrug and continue about my day and probably just forget about it. I think it's due to how many times I been caught and how many people know about it. While it will always be embarrassing, it's not the end of the world to me when it does occur.

    But as others have pointed out, there is a pretty good chance it wasn't even noticed, and even if it was noticed they may not even know they were diapers.

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    I have had many workmen at my house do many different jobs. Some of the jobs took them into my nursery with the crib and diapers and everything in full view. None of them have ever said anything except one that joked about it with me. So don't worry most people don't pay attention or care.

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    This sounds like something that would happen to me. I get delivery people come to the door all the time while I'm diapered, or worse, in my footed jammies and diapered. My son occasionally pops in to look for something while I'm gone and my wife just lets him go look. Sometimes I secretly think, half the world knows I like diapers....sigh.

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    I would imagine that they were too busy dealing with the flood to really notice your stash. And if they did notice, they probably would just think that it was for a medical condition (and be correct). I wouldn't worry too much about it, especially since it was an emergency and a sudden situation you didn't expect.

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    I'm with Maxx that he probably missed the entire thing in an emergency. If he did see them, I suspect the reaction will be to be terribly embarrassed on your behalf and never said a word about it. Though he might be more courteous and helpful towards you in the future if he's bad at covering up his own feelings. And it's not like having the building superintendent be extra polite towards you is a bad thing.

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    Thanks everyone.
    Well still no flooding and everything seems back to normal. I honestly don't think he even noticed. We were usually in the same room and he was as focussed as I was in dealing with the flood. If he had stopped at the door where my stash was, or noticed the package in the bedroom, I think I would have realized it sooner. It bothers me because I have to deal with a lot of emergencies and deal with multiple tasks and hundreds of details in my work, yet I didn't even think about hiding my stuff until I saw him going into my bedroom. I could have easily closed the door inconspicuously in the living room, and then gone to 'check out the bedroom' to hide my diapers while the super was in the living room, yet I didn't think about it until it was too late. Anyway, it's done, the weather's gotten colder, so all those puddles on my running route have turned into a slippery ice slick. Damn Canadian winters!

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    As a super, I'm sure he's seen things that are much worse...

    As a super he should respect everyone's privacy and I'm shure he does...

    If he works for a company, I'd say he may get fired for talking about things he sees in places, minus illegal or dangerous things...

    I've helped a friend with some appts in the past for evicting gangs and drug dealers, and there is lots of wires stuff he's seen, from sex toys, to diapers...and it's not a big deal...

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