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Thread: What do you tend to collect?

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    Default What do you tend to collect?

    I collect bottles! I have lots of baba's! I love my bottles so much, I don't really get any time to be little at all anymore because of business but I do have a lot of bottles and they are kind of my comfort item, I also collect fluffy blankets!

    What about you? what do you collect?

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    I have 8 plushies sitting on the bed with me at the moment. They all have their own personalities....I mean, plushonalities.

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    If I had the money, I probably collect a ton of things, to be honest. Paci's, Bottles, Sippy cups, Plushies, Diapers - cloth and disposables, Onesies and PJs.

    Less AB/DL related, I would probably also collect anime, manga, and games along with all sorts of merchandise like figurines, posters, clothes, etc.

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    Shot glasses. I have one for every major place I've been, and I have 4-5 dozen all lined up on a display wall. Best part of all, I get to use them!

    I sort of also collect anything baby looney tunes. I have bottles, a rattle, a few books, loads of stickers, and even a lamp.

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    I tend to collect certain things in periods. I suspect that the only reasons for me not turning into a hoarder is my fear of dirt and the fact that my flat is really small.

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    I used to collect MLP toys and plushies but I kinda grew out of the fandom, I still enjoy minor aspects of it but I do believe I have matured away from the majority of the fandom, as of now I mostly like to gather and collect physical music. It can be CD or even vinyl, I love to bask in how much effort was put into the art and aesthetic of the packaging the music comes in. ^^

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