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    Question Finding a therapist

    I was thinking about seeing a therapist for several reasons, most of which are not diaper related. I wouldn't necessarily mind talking to a mental health professional about the diaper wearing, but I'm more looking at learning ways to deal with stress and difficult people in a healthy way.

    Depression runs in my family, so I know I am susceptible to that. I talked to my dad a little bit about wanting to see a therapist, and he said he used to see one once per month for various things. Referred to the therapist as "a coach." I like the idea of that.

    I asked my primary care physician if there was someone I could talk to about depression and dealing with stress, and I was surprised when he basically didn't help me at all. He gave me a list of numbers to call, but most of them said "you'll have to check with your insurance company first" and when I checked with them, they said I would "need to check with the doctor's office first". I'm pretty confused, and I don't even know what I'm looking for. Anyone have any ideas on how to get started?

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    Don't have much input for you, but from experience, I would like to share Vitamin D got me out of depression and off Prozac, but it's up to your physician to decide what meds to be on, maybe mention it when your discussing your options.

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    Find another GP (PCP) yours sounds unmotivated about your well being to me. My GP made my first appointment with my shrink as soon as he realized most of my medical issues were stress related. Insurance can be an issue but 18 years and 5 insurance companys later I am still seeing the same therapist. I know, "OMG 18 years! You are really messed up or have a bad shrink!". I'm 57 now and yes my first 20 years we really messed up but it can take almost as long to undo the damage as to do it. My only regret is waiting till I was nearly 40 to get the help I needed to be happier in life.
    Hang in there and find a good shrink, if you think they might help it is worth the effort.

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    Yeah, in order to have insurance cover it, you need a referral from your primary doctor, at least in the U. S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Yeah, in order to have insurance cover it, you need a referral from your primary doctor, at least in the U. S.
    It depends on your insurance. While it does sound like this might be the OP's situation, I'm on Medicaid, and was not required to get a referral before going to therapy.

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    1) I would second Nam Repaid suggestion about a PCP. The list of numbers should be the one within the insurance group that the PCP belongs.

    2) You do need to check what you insurance covers, but most mental health providers are on a ability to pay system, or can get you to an ability to pay provider.

    3) finding a therapist is not that hard. Finding one that is a good fit for you is that issue. I have had some real good ones and they left practice because of insurance expenses. But I have had three in my life time that I fired because they were jerks. So if you are not feeling comfortable or "understood" with a provider then it is ok for you to say " I need someone else". The only time this would be an issue is if meds are involved, but that is nothing to worry about at this time.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for your suggestions, everyone. I don't think that I need to have medication or anything, I just know interactions with certain people (my mother in law) can stress me out beyond belief... it's a long story.

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    My suggestion is to first get a list of Dr.'s in your area that take your insurance, and then see what you get. If you don't like them you have the option to change the doctor to someone else.

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