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Thread: Occasional wearing

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    Default Occasional wearing

    I like diapers, but I don't have the urge to wear all the time. I make sure I always have some diapers so that I can wear them when I feel like it, but there is not much of a pattern there: it can be 3 times in one week or once in 2 weeks or even a longer period without the urge to wear.

    Since I have the impression that for a lot of people here, diapers are a big part of their everyday life, I was wondering if there are other occasional wearers like me on here aswell ?

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    I'm the same way. I will go through periods where I'm really into wearing and then I'll have periods where I don't really think about it. I've always been like that and I'm not sure why this is. It's kind of like satisfying a craving.

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    I had mine on this morning. Took them off...not interested at the moment. Need to be in the mood. Happens often

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    This describes me too. Sometimes I think about it all day long and then go home and wear one. Or sometimes I think about it all day long and forget by the time I get home. Sometimes I don't think about it at all for weeks on end. Typically I wear a few times a month but Sometimes I'll go a few months without wearing. I still have a stash of close to 100, and would never consider purging for any reason.

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    I'm kinda the same way. I can go a little while without wearing, but when the urge hits it can be devastating (mostly to my bank account if I'm out of diapers). I ran out of all my AB diapers and just had some M4's to hold me over, when I got low on those however I must of spent well over $200 restocking. Now I have so many diapers on the way that I'm going to have to wear as much as possible to try and get rid of them.

    I think I just need to make sure that I keep a couple different brands in stock to make sure that doesn't happen again.

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    My wife & I are exactly the same. Sometimes we wear for a day or two & sometimes weeks will go by before opportunity sounds good. There is a huge comfort/relaxation factor involved here. We get busy with our everyday adult lives & responsibilities, wearing just doesn't fall into place unless we rush or force it. And for us, that is not an option. We do not enjoy that. The whole point is for the feeling & enjoyment that comes with it. The serenity, solitude & "not a care in the world" feelings that go with it. But when we go to Vegas 4+ times a year? We take lots down with us & are diapered 80% of the time. Binge? Not in our book. VACATION! We are there to relax & have fun. And what better way to do that, than in our diapers.

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    Things change. For most of my adult diaper wearing life, I was an occasional wearer. I'd say my pattern of wearing was 0-2 times per week, typically just one diaper. Without even making a real effort, my feelings on extended wearing changed and now it's not uncommon for me to be 24/7 for some period (going on three months at the moment). When I stop the 24/7, I have gone back to the occasional wearing habit but at least over the last couple years, those periods of occasional wear have been shorter than the 24/7 periods. It will probably change again as time goes by and I'm fine with that.

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    I'm fecally incontinent and wear 24/7. However I am similar to you when it comes to using them for urine, sometimes I just don't feel like it and wear them for the protection I need only.

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    You are certainly not alone.

    I started wearing back when I was 9-10 years old and I had to make my own. I used to skip school, not because I had a test or a bully wanted to beat me, just to have time to myself and wear. My parents never found out.

    I am over 50 now and still occasionally wear. From 19 to 30 years old I didn't wear but thought about it many times. I was in the military so it was impossible. I used to think I had a screw loose about diapers. After a few relationships that ended bad leaving thinking that I would never meet someone, I met my wife. I was still struggling with my previous relationships and early on in the relationship I told my then girlfriend that I used diapers. Mind you I had not worn one for many years but, as I said, always wanted to. I think I wanted to scare her away like other girls but she was not phased. She had already imprinted me I guess. LOL.

    I did not wear for years after we were married. When we had our first child I was so interested in diapers for my daughter. I would always change her and helped my wife with child care as much as I could. I have always been the breadwinner so she had most of the child care duties. We lived in Brazil then and I found a source for adult diapers.

    I started to wear again at 30 years old. Since then it goes in spurts. Just last waste removal cycle I used 5 diapers so not every day on one day I used two. I am now out and planning on ordering real Adult Diapers like Dry 24/7. Not sure if this means I am elevating my usage or not. Our lives are changing. Stress from my parents is huge and wearing makes me feel good and fresh.

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    Same here. I'll go for a week sometimes without wearing and then wear for a few nights in a row. I want to experiment with 24/7 for a few days at some point, but I would need some thinner diapers or maybe Goodnites for daytime use. I could never pull off wearing at work, and I wouldn't want to try even if I could. I plan to start wearing on long drives and when I go snowboarding.

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