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Thread: Has anyone tried these?

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    Default Has anyone tried these?

    So I was wondering if anyone has tried this brand
    " "

    90 diapers for like $35 is pretty cheap. So I would assume the diapers are poor quality? Just thought I'd ask and share.

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    those look very similar to northshore's clothlike briefs

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    That's quite a cheap brand. I haven't used any personally, but it's a brand used in healthcare a lot and is on par with other hospital diapers: thin, not absorbent, cheap, not for extended wearing, and designed to cut costs. I'm assuming you'd only get one medium sized wetting out of each one.

    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    those look very similar to northshore's clothlike briefs
    I'd have to disagree. The picture makes the briefs look really thin in comparison to Northshore's.

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    I am incontinent of both and have used those for a bit. They are not a good diaper. They leak easy and don't hold much. You would be better off going with a premium diaper like Abena, Molicare, or Dry 27/7. I use Molicare Super Plus full time and they are great.

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