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    How do I make my good nites to stop creaking in class

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    You can also wear 6-7 at a time under some really tight fitting, lightweight material, pants. Tights work the best, it's what everyone else usually does.

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    Goodnights really ought to be pretty quiet by themselves?

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    It doesn't matter. Nobody ever notices. Even when it's completely obvious to us, the rustle of a diaper will not be picked up or recognize by others around us even in a quiet environment. The only exception to this is if you make it completely obvious or tell them first. Only then will others pick up on it.

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    I often wear Confi Dri 24/7 diapers in public and at wk. if you're not familiar, they are thick and crinkly plastic backed diapers. I honestly don't think anyone notices the crinkle. On the other hand, I think it takes the wearer some time to realize that.

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    As said above, people won't notice unless you go out of your own way to make it obivous. I never worry about this anymore. No need to.

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    Despite the outward appearance, Goodnites are actually plastic backed. The cloth-like cover is just a thin gauze that you can peel right off the plastic. Look for a generic alternative to Goodnites that has a true cloth backing, and you'll have no crinkle.

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