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Thread: Have your parents caught you wetting yourself? if so what did they say?

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    Question Have your parents caught you wetting yourself? if so what did they say?

    Have your parents ever caught you wetting yourself? if so what did they say?

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    No, but I had been caught with a wet diaper on as a kid. Every time my diapers were taken away, and I was told I shouldn't be wearing them.

    As an adult I wear and wet all the time and no longer care if someone does figure it out.

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    I know that my parents know that I ware baby diapers as they have found my stash and found some used wet ones that I hadn't snuck into the bin yet. they never said anything they just moved them into my bin into by room and I came in the next day and they had emptied the bin. now I know that they know and are ok with it its not really secretive anymore and it feels better to have it all out in the open.

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    This is a very key moment in my life.

    I was young, about 9 years old I figure, when I accidentally wet myself. It was on a long drive. I had to go and begged my dad to pull over so I could pee. He kept saying we were almost there and ignored me. It was at least an hour before we arrived at my Dad's friends house. I rushed to bathroom. I stood there at the toilet hopping up and down as I worked to unzip my fly and I just could not hold it any longer. Since it was by dad's friends house he, my mother and sister were all busy in the back yard mingling with the family so I just went back to the car and sat there. I had a throw pillow and held it over myself to hide it. I don't remember how long I waited but I was not going out there. We got home late in the dark. My jeans were still wet as I was going to bed. I got my pajamas on and went right to bed. My mom would never let me close my door. I left my jeans on the floor like I often did and my mom picked them up by two fingers and held them out. My dad was there too. I acted like I was asleep but I saw them in the dark. They knew that I had wet myself but never asked me about it. It felt like they didn't even care. So one night soon after that I purposely wet my bed. Again they never commented on it. Since it was clear that my parents were just not there for me I did not wet the bed again. It was the start of my interest in wetting myself and wearing diapers.

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    I can't even imagine how horrified I would be if I was caught actually using a diaper. I have a really good relationship with my parents but I feel like they would completely freak out if they found out. I remember one time I was about to wear a goodnite and my mom knocked on my door, so I threw it in my hamper assuming she wouldn't see it. As soon as she walked in my room she saw it and asked where it came from, and I acted like I had no idea. Luckily for me my younger nephew was over and she just assumed it was his and put it in his diaper bag. After she walked away I quickly went and got the goodnite from his diaper bag and properly hid it in my room and from then on I have hardly worn, but when I do it's usually at night so I don't have to worry about getting caught and I only order sample packs now so I only have to hide two at a time.

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    When I was a kid I often wet my self so I was caught in wet pants by my folks on numerous occasions. It was never any big deal. Hell my mother even told me to pee my pants once and stop complaining about being desperate for a wee.

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    I always insisted “accident”, but there were times common sense said otherwise. For example, one night only minutes after putting me to bed mom returned and discovered I was already wet. She briefly questioned the timing and let it drop.

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    I've been incontinent since birth so my parents already know about my diapers

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    Caught by my mom once. I was in bed wearing a make shift diaper made from a plastic bag and paper towels. Mom scolded me and said it was displeasing to God.
    I also would purposely wet my underpants at home in the privacy of the bathroom. When Mom discovered them in my dirty clothes basket in my closet, she asked if I wet while at school. I confessed I was doing it on purpose and begged her not to tell Dad.
    Aside from the one scolding and my confession about purposely wetting, my diaper thing was never talked about although my folks were quite aware.

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