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    I find that I spend a lot of time on iPads looking up ABDL and procastrinating, so I decided to put up parental controls so I only play preschool games on it and I have even found a YouTube kids! It's great and you can search any children's TV show in any language you want! This really makes me feel like a child and it's a good way to make me play more instead of sitting around wasting away at an iPad and coming across upsetting stories about abuse and what not ( I come across them by accident!)

    What i control is that i turn off the safari so I can't search anything that I usually procrastinate about. Obviously I turned it off so I can post this but what I was thinking was that I would get points where I can spend x amount of time on the internet, i do most of my browsing on my iPad... if I spend more than the set time on the timer, the parental controls come on, that way I can still watch regular YouTube and visit sites for a bit but this is so I get along living my life sort of thing. I have to earn this freedom and if I am moody, the parental controls come on so i can't procastinate and make myself worse!

    Has anybody done this to stop something like this?

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    Actually, I think it's a nice idea, especially when you want to be in "little" space. I enjoy looking at little kids' television show like Sprout.

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    Not that, but I once added an automatic shutdown program to my computer. I set it for a certain time, and 15 minutes prior it locked the system so I couldn't disable it. It also gave me 10, 5 & 1 minute warnings it would shut down.

    It helped greatly to make sure go to bed on time.

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    Could you enable it again? It wasn't locked forever I presume?

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    its a lovely Idea, I'm looking forward to reading more ideas in this thread. great topic angelic!

    slomo, do you remember the name of the program?

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    It has improved a lot, i spent a lot of time today checking out YouTube kids and i watched little princess episodes " i want to be a baby" and " I want my dummy" that program actually is what I can relate to as a AB as my "dummy" was taken away from me as a young baby and I Vagly remember it as by touch rather by sight. I have been fascinated by pacis ever since. I moved onto my thumb but I prefer dummies, they feel nice how the guard is smooth against your mouth, any way moving on...!

    I also watched the tweenies for anybody who is familiar with this, it was a TV show I watched as a toddler and I always loved it! I found episodes on YouTube kids to my suprise and I LOVED them! Just as much as i did all those years ago! It entertained me the same and i laughed and found it funny. And not in a wtf what I am doing either, I felt right watching it as if I met a old friend for the first time in ages and felt that age again, younger, carefree and happy.

    I stopped watching it when I was 6 years old in a bid to "stop being a baby" for my friend at the time who said it was for babies, after that moment I never watched CBeebies or any young kids TV again.

    Actually today, I was in the shower singing the theme tune and I felt so happy and it felt so normal for me, why the heck did I ever change ano even attempt to be a teenager! I thought to myself as soon as I watched, "Angelic is back!"

    - - - Updated - - -

    It was great not relying on Adisc and the internet for my entertainment!

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    Yes! I do use a program...

    I use a program called curbi...and I set my gf for the parental account...

    It works ver well! I get much more sleep, and don't go onto the adult sites, and it even blocks advertising junk!

    It is free for basic, two devices! I ended up buying the better paid version, it's like 3$ a month...

    Anyhow, you can set rules for specific times, and block Internet, and even block nearly all the apps on the device when it's bedtime, just settings and clock left, all the games and such are totally gone, then in the morning the reappear and it's back to normal...pretty cool...

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    It is!

    It's cool, sitting on iPad, and when the time comes, your iPad is basically turned off...all the apps icons even just disappear! Give it a try it's free!

    If you have an iOS you can get around it by deleting the profile, but the parent account get an immediate email.
    Android it's locked.

    So, have an external account you can easily access on pc or another person...just in case you make a rule that doesn't quit and it won't let you get back into the curbi app...

    Yes, there is a parent app for both android, iOS, and pc...with everything for setup, and even a timeout button in case you need it

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    With respect to being AB/DL, the idea of Parental Control over access to media is a way to insure that the Adult Baby/Little stays in the desired childlike mindset/cognitive state. When regressed, the AB/DL/Little stayed "regressed" and is only able to watch media that is appropriate for the AB/DL/Little to see and hear.
    Toddlers/Preschoolers watch "Paw Patrol", not "The Jerry Springer Show", to use a concrete example.

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