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Thread: what do your parents think about the whole ABDL thing and how did they find out?

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    Question what do your parents think about the whole ABDL thing and how did they find out?

    what do your parents think about the whole ABDL thing? and how did they find out?

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    They haven't yet but I have proberly jinxed it by posting this!

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    my parents were super supportive of it....i didn't parade in the house with just diapers on...if i had them out and my mom cleaned the room she just set them aside.

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    Not understanding at all think a choice .
    Sister hate full uses it to rid me of friends.
    Mother walk in on putting a pamper on.

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    They just let me be me. The found my stash one time so that's how they found out and i just told them.

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    When my mom found out when I was young she didn't say much except to throw everything away in my room that doesn't belong there. As an adult, my diaper wearing has been brought up by my ex to my mom and she would just say something like ya, he's weird. Just recently however it was brought up again because my daughters mother thought she could use it against me in court. My mom and her husband both acknowledged that my liking for diapers is my business only and it doesn't effect anyone else so it doesn't belong being exposed to everyone.

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    They don't really know. I had my stash discovered on two pretty widely spaced separate occasions while I was living at home but unlike the stashes we see posted here, it was a mix of modded baby diapers, some vinyl with duct tape used as a wrap, and a few other odds and ends. Since there was no Internet to consult, I think it wasn't exactly clear what I was up to but my mom knew it was odd and it concerned her. I passed off the second discovery as leftover stuff from before that I hadn't used in years. Whether she really bought that or just chose to accept the explanation, I don't know.

    I chose from that point not to have any kind of stash at home and I stuck with that until I moved out for good several years later. We don't talk of it and I've not had any indication of suspicion. If it were to come up now, I'd be able to explain myself far better but I'm not in any hurry to do so. I don't think it's relevant to my parents, so it's best to leave it alone.

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    Only one person in my family knows about this, and that's my older brother. He doesn't really mind it all that much. As for the rest of my family, they do not know.

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    My mom discovered mine once because I just put it up in the closet where I didn't think anyone would find it (the closet was located in my bedroom and contained really old board games and coats that no one used anymore). She confronted me about it and I basically just stared at my feet until she left. She didn't really bring it up again.

    Later in late highschool / early college (I lived at home thru college because it was within walking distance), I got a girlfriend who accepted and participated in it, and so I got more brazen including ordering things including cases to the house. Obviously that's a pretty big box. My mom didn't open it, but questioned me continuously about it. I just kept saying it was "a surprise." I'm sure she found them later (despite changing the hiding spot), but she never brought it up again.

    Later I brought it up with her on a long drive (just the two of us)... I'm not sure why. She basically said "that's pretty weird" and offered to pay for me to talk to a therapist. She said something along the lines of "I know it isn't any dangerous, but you need to understand that if the wrong people find out about it, it could hurt you in other ways -- family, career, etc."

    I think she has a fair point -- I mean, if a politician was secretly an AB, and someone obtained evidence during a campaign run, it could ruin their entire career. She didn't approve, but she didn't threaten to kick me out, either. She basically just said "be careful."

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    told my mom I liked diapers, she seemed ok about it overall, never would tell my dad.

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