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    Default Video Game Music

    I was wondering what other's favorite video game tracks were.

    The FF4 Battle Theme sticks out in my mind as being a personal favorite. Along with Quiet's theme from MGSV.

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    Oh lord. . . I could list a litany of tracks. . .

    I'd have to say the soundtrack that goes with this scene from Starcraft. . .

    Blizzard managed to make it amazing. Between whats going on visually and with the music they have going it really sets the tone of what's going on.

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    The gaming tracks I mostly listen to are from Final Fantasy, Pokémon, Doom, Super Mario, and Zelda. I just can't stop listening to them.

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    is my all time favorite game(s) and has the best soundtrack(s) in my opinion. ^^ Always enjoy listening to these in my car, at home, or even jogging!

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    I've been stuck on this one for a while.

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    I love Tetris' theme. the underwater theme for Super Mario world. Sonic the Hedgehog battle adventure 2's songs. The Yoshi athlete theme, and a few songs from Megaman 9

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    The only two video game songs I care for are "Still Alive" and "Want You Gone" from the Portal games.

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    Basically all of the music tracks from Fire & Ice on the Commodore Amiga ^_^ I especially like the underwater theme (from 2:37 in the video):

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    Xexyz clossing credits, SMB3 Go Go Raccoon Mario, Maximum Carnage The Mob Rules, Super Mario World Thank You Mario, Super Mario Land World 1 stage 1, Zelda II inside house,Teenage mutant Ninja turtles IV Alley Cat Blues, Megaman 3 Needle Man's Stage, Dig Dug II stage theme.

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