I was sat playing with my trains in the living room with my dad and his girlfriend who accept me (obviously), but sometimes I wonder if they really do.

I was watching the Voice Uk with them and there was this 18 year old girl who was in childcare as a teaching assistant and was singing, she looked a lot older than me. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	28306 i do NOT look 18, do I!?

She had long hair up to her waist, was tall and was just normal, and here is me with my baby face, short and I have not got to my goal of what I wanted: finishing my level 3 childcare.

My obsicles were my lack of self confidence and my social anxiety, after watching it, I felt like a failure and I had disappointed my dad and was being lazy. I am now trying to get employment in anything I can get at the moment and I want to get work and friends.

I like that I look younger but at the same time I feel freakish among the other girls my age who are a lot taller and prettier than me.

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Also I needed a hug so my dad hugged me and his girlfriend barked the word "door" at me, she is nice but her tone of voice is very misleading, it was her fault anyway, she was only wearing a tank top, she should of thought about that before coming out with that, she could put a sweater on or something! Sometimes those moments really make you feel like crap, I burst into tears as soon as I walked out like a young child who has just been told off!