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Thread: Who hates swearing?

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    Default Who hates swearing?

    I like my dad and his girlfriend but they keep swearing, they are either swearing about the dog or crack out the F word when they messing around with each.

    I wouldn't mind but I knocks me out of little space quite harshly! How can I put up with this?

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    I do swear from time to time. Just not in front of family members or in a professional environment

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    I swear a lot and I really hate the fact that I do that. So I try to stop it. A good thing is that I never swear when I am in little space and that I've started to blank out swear words in my diary . Now I "only" have to quit swearing when I pretend to be an adult.

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    Maybe the best way would be to "desensitise" yourself, so that swearing isn't so jarring...?

    You could think of a few fun phrases containing all the swear words that trigger you, and whenever you're not in "little space", just say them to yourself (or out loud if no one else can hear). Maybe the words will seem less shocking after a while...?

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    I think there's a direct correlation between swearing and anger, so I try to avoid swearing and people who do it themselves a lot.

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    I try very hard to not say the very bad filthy potty chair words any more, but sometimes I fail to stop saying them.

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    I grew up on the infamous, "Jersey Shore" and in near poverty, so as little kids, we swore like the kids from "South Park". I try to control it now, and I never swear when in public. I'm somewhat Borderline Personality, but it takes a twist in that I get mad at objects, mostly ones that don't work, rather than people....usually. I'll swear at things or slow drivers, but they never hear me....haha.

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    The context of the words matter more than the words themselves.
    There is nothing wrong with swearing.

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    I'm definitely swear. I don't do it quite as much as when I was a teen and actively trying to use swear words more often, but I am not afraid to swear at all. I know some of my posts (particularly ones from the Mature Topics board) will feature swearing. Not because I'm trying to be naughty or spice things up, but mainly because that's just the way I naturally talk. And I swear less on ADISC than I do on other sites and in real life since nearly all my friends swear, and that's just the environment I'm in. My attitude on language is pretty similar to what George Carlin had to say on the topic. I'm not afraid of language or words.

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