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Thread: boys leggings/tights/ leg warmers

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    Default boys leggings/tights/ leg warmers

    Hey everyone, now that is cold and time to be cozy, I wanted to get boy tights/ leggings like these ones but in adults size.

    Anyone know where I can get them? Even if they don't look child ish, I'll get them.

    Thanks In advance
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    I answered a similar question in the sissy section. Take a look here I have bought several different ones from them and they sent to UK no problem. they are very nice.

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    Why are adults clothes so boring??? Only way to get those awesome colored pants/sweaters and stuff seems to be buying some sport items made out of synthetic fabrics. Sorry for ranting but this is one of the things I hate most about being little in an adult body

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    You could try these
    Alternatively I had some boyish ones made by
    Good luck!

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    I also bought a pair of leggings in Canada (and a onesie)! They list them as women's but my tastes in ABDL apparel are unisex

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    If you're in the US, try a running store. Men's tights in odd colors (there was a comic strip that described a triathlete as dressing like a colorblind superhero). One of the local running store owners always has the most garish tights on for the local runs. He says that there's no way a motorist could argue they didn't see him.
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    Thank you for your responses. I check the suggestions you gave

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