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    I recently got an order from ABU, and I have to say I LOVE ABU diapers, they are amazing.

    I also got a diapersuit. And not so much love for this thing. They suggest going a size smaller, but I had a bad experience with the onsie from AwwSoCute being too long even 1 size smaller, so decided to go 2 sizes too small.
    Still didn't work. this thing is just a touch small across the shoulders, and the crotch hangs to mid thigh. If I cut it above the elastic, I could wear this as a dress.

    I bought one of the colored ones instead of the white ones, so I can't return it. My mistake. I think I'll cut the bottom off and use it as a sleep shirt, so it's not a big loss.

    But I want a onsie that fits. Back when XPmedical sold the tank top onsie from Abena, I had bough several of them, and I like to wear them when going out. but they are worn out, and they aren't sold anymore. I need replacements, and I can seem to find any that aren't like the ABU and AwwSoCute onsies. WAY too long in the body. I can't go any smaller in size. they AwwSoCute cut off circulation in my arms, and the ABU onsie is as small as would be comfortable across the shoulders as it is. So whats left? Can Anyone recommend a onsie that would be shorter in the body?

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    Babykins is my favourite for onesies. I am short and they fit well

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    They're still sold:

    KCK Medical might be able to source them for you (they sell others in the product range: ).

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    Meanwhile I might pull the trigger on a white diapersuit from ABU. I'm 6'2" but that's almost all torso (I wear 33/32 or 34/32 jeans), so many shirts etc don't fit right; sounds like this might be an awesome exception! Thanks for the info!

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    To get a perfect fitting body suit , fill your measurements out on the babykins custom form , and order at least 15,generally she will discount each suit by 5 dollars plus pay shipping and customs , the first one she makes will be sent to you , any alterations or adjustments can then be ordered for a precise fit, she will then make they rest of the order, they are just your size whatever that may be because they are all fit to you , I have over three hundred of them in all styles , they all fit perfectly, and they are less costly than any on the rack bodysuit you can buy and be unhappy with, the basic bodysuit with the discount is $20.00 , can't beat that.

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    Actually KCK has terrible service and does not know there product lines based on my dealings with them, I use rearz in Canada, even with the additional cost of shipping I paid less going thru rearz than either KCK or Amazon . YMMV

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    I made my own out of a V-neck tee shirt by sewing a crotch in the bottom. Very tight and no irritating snaps in the crotch. Ballet wear like Danskins may also be an alternative. Again no snap crotch.

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    as posted just now in another thread, I've gotten the best fit from XP Medical's bodysuit onesies. Order a tad on the large side so the crotch will fit with the extra padding down below. Tank top, bikini bottom, 100% all white. Wash cold. If it's too big, wash warm/hot

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    I have had issues with onesies as well and it turns out is a great place. Monika makes hers to size. I only had a tape measure on hand to measure my self but it still fits near perfect. I should of gone a bit longer on a few measurements but that is ok! Give hers a shot. They might cost a bit more but they fit really really well! Also if you want you might want to swing her a message asking to see if she can make one not in a fleece material. She is really good about accomidating people!

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