Hi everyone,

Let me start by saying that I'm not actually 'new' here. My account here was created in 2014. Some of you might (or might not) remember this thread of mine from 2014.
Luckily for me, a lot of things changed since then and I will cover them later on in this post, but let's start with some general information on who I am as a human being.

I'm a 26 year old male from Belgium. I work in IT and in my free time I like to hang out with friends, I'm on pc a lot, I play video games, watch series and do some swimming in order to stay healthy. I'm also active in the BDSM community

When it comes to wearing diapers, my interest is purely that: wearing diapers, so I am not an AB/little or something like that. Just a person who likes to wear diapers form time to time. I have thought a lot about what exactly it is that I like about wearing them, but I can't name a specific reason: it just feels nice to wear them. I prefer the thicker ones, but I don't often actually use them. (sometimes I do, but not always).

I can't say that wearing diapers is really a lifestyle for me. It is just something that I like to do from time to time When I do, I find it fun to simply do the stuff that I would otherwise do, being diapered just makes all of that more fun. Sometimes I sleep in them. And allthough most of my diaper-time is spent inside my appartment, sometimes I find it exciting to walk short distances outside/go to a nearby store etc. while diapered under my clothing.

My diaper-loving side is top secret to the outside world, outside of this community there is only one friend that knows about it. (who turned out to also be a DL :p)

Since my post from 2014 that I referenced earlier on, there is a number of things that changed. One thing is that I'm now able to accept that side of me a lot better. It is still one of the most top secret things there is to know about me, but at least I'm kind of comfortable with that side now, and I can be on this site whitout the awkward feelings that I had back when I wrote my original post, back in 2014. It is just something I like. Something I don't expect people to understand or find 'OK' necessarily, but still I side of me that is very real. I like to think that if there is something that makes you happy, and you don't cause harm to others doing it, you should just go for it!

Another big game changer for me is the fact that for a little more than a year now, I live on my own! So that means that I don't have to 'wait for opportunities' or 'make sneaky plans to get a few diapers', but I can just get them and wear them whenever I like, and that's such a great feeling ! I have found a great AB/DL online store that ships to Belgium and so I just order online, hide them in a box under my bed and I can wear them as I please.
That box under the bed, which can only be opened if you move a night table first, is a precaution to avoid my parents accidently stumbling upon my diapers when they are visiting and/or helping me clean or something like that.
So far the ordering-hiding-using cycle has worked really smoothly, so I'm verry happy.

So things are going great here, and I hope to become a more active member of this communty from now on!

If any of you has a question, feel free to ask!