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Thread: New RPG Chronotrigger / time and real life related. Looking For Help

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    Talking New RPG Chronotrigger / time and real life related. Looking For Help

    The following written information is just a simple outline, however, it is copyright 12/04/2016 By, Mitchell Leigh Shelton

    Chronotrigger / Chronocross type RPG Looking for help.

    Game Title:

    This game has a fantastic title but I do not want to release it until copyrights are checked and it's set in stone.

    Game story:

    This game is set to be an emotionally intense experience. The game story will draw the player deeper and deeper until they are so emotionally invested that they may cry.

    Our game involves both time and travel through other worlds. Both complex and simple relationships between game characters and many major potential changes which can affect both the past and future. No play through of the game will be 100% the same.

    The story begins with our hero, starting out on your typical rpg experience until we hit our first cut scene.

    When you see the first cut scene you are shocked to witness that the game - the very spot you are at - is being programmed by the indie developer right now.

    Throughout the game you are shown pivotal moments in the developers life as he works on the game, almost like The Neverending Story as the boy reads the book.

    The man developing the game is diagnosed with cancer.

    He is dying.

    That is all I am telling you at this time. I don't really want ANYONE to know full details of the game story.

    What I am looking for:

    I am looking for pixel artists / artists.
    I am looking for musicians.
    Voice actors
    I am looking for any potential programmers / tileset and additional help on developing each game area / scene.
    Help with public relations for the game as well. Web site / twitter / youtube / crowd funding.

    IF, you do decide to help I want contact information. I will have a batphone for all project helpers. Everyone will be able to contact me and know exactly who I am.

    Who I am:
    I am Mitchell Leigh Shelton. This is a serious, life's work project. I believe in this overall story concept Strongly. I am a Joe Shmoe working at a chocolate factory that is best at video work but have decent skills in utilizing rpg maker like interfaces to create decent experiences using switches and other etc. (you get the idea.)

    More about the game:
    Tentatively this project will use rpg maker unless I find the kind of help needed to ramp it to a new level. The combat system will utilize many group related "techs" or skills giving the player a stronger reason to find new or varied team members. The game will feature full voice acting.

    This is one of the most important snags any game concept can and will sadly come accross. Everyone that works on the game will be required to sign a FAIR contract to protect both of our investments of time and work. The goal is not to make money, but to make a fantastic game which makes people feel. But if it also makes money, let's protect ourselves so it's fair for all. I do feel my game story, and parts I cannot share with you are so shocking that people will both cry and talk about this game so we need to be prepared.

    Crowdfunding will be a huge deal in the beginning but will need artists and others to help in getting this project to this point - people want to see something of substance to know what they are donating for.

    I will do what I can at times to help people out. I am prepared to invest a few thousand into this project myself but due to being, as I said - a normal joe schmoe working at the factory I am not rolling in the dough.

    Contact Information:

    I think that is enough details for the time being.
    Please contact me! All help and support / well wishers are appreciated.
    This "official" contact information WILL change once full Public Relations is established. For example Twitter / Youtube / web site etc. using the game title are established.

    (Just send me a message on adisc.)

    Thanks guys!


    The game story and real life story lines have so much more to them and relate to real life. But some things are a secret.

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    If you're still looking for someone then I could possibly help. I can't draw for shit but I'm alright at basic programming. I use a program called Game Maker 8. PM me and I can show you some of the things I've made in the past if you want.

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