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Thread: Awkward DL References Moments

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    Default Awkward DL References Moments

    So this probably more applies to those who live their life of a DL as a secret.

    I don't know if anyone else feels this but if a TV programme references ABDL in anyway i find it super awkward!

    Example....last night i was sat with the girlfriend watching TV. A programme about 'massage palours' came on and it was basically about illegal brothels. They were chatting to one of the escorts and she mentioned how one client wished to be treated like a baby and made to wear a nappy....At this moment i just felt so awkward and didn't know where to look haha! The escort also mentioned it was the weirdest thing she had ever been asked to do! Similar awkwardness applies when say a drynites advert comes on.

    Theres been other documentaries in the past which we know about on here of ABDL's. I usually find that its something which is spoken about such as at work etc when people say 'omg did you see that programme last night'. I'm always like yeah thats awkward and kind of dismiss the topic and move on. At the same time it always makes me think though, maybe that person is bringing it up in the hope someone might 'fess up' to liking it? Who knows...

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    depends on the reference, was this awful anti drug campaign from mexico I believe which compared snorting coke to wearing diapers,

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    There's a cartoon here in America, Regular Show, that's more of a teen/young adult-oriented program, and in one episode, "Do Or Diaper", the character Mordecai goes out on a date with his girlfriend Margaret having been instructed to kiss her by the end of the night or else he'll have to wear a diaper for a whole week. Margaret eventually find out why Mordecai is setting her up for a kiss and gets upset, but then as the clock approaches midnight she looks like she's leaning in to kiss Mordecai. Then she dodges Mordecai's lips at the last second and says with a smile "Have a nice week, diaper boy!" And then the next day Mordecai is mowing the lawn at the park he and his best friend Rigby work at while wearing a diaper. That episode sticks out in my mind because getting called "diaper boy" by a girl sounds like an ABDL fantasy I might have.

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    Yeah it's weird and the way it makes me feel doesn't make sense. For the ones focusing on actual people showing what they do and the lifestyle they have I have a huge amount of respect for. Yet, even though talking on here is fine for me when I watch other people do it I get a sense of self loathing, but it doesn't put me off putting on a diaper myself and wetting it in bed. It's very strange....

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    It's not quite the same scenario, but I love it when someone makes a remark like 'you're so young you're still in diapers'. If I'm wearing at the time it's even better.

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    I have a slightly eccentric relative who occasionally uses the expression "back when you were still in diapers", to which I always grimace and think "uh yeah about that..."

    Then I remember watching "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" with my family and all of us cringing hard at the guy who was stuck in the role of some kind of baby mascot. They don't know about me being a DL, and watching that made it really hard for me to imagine them ever accepting it if they found out.

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    The most awkward AB/DL reference I remember is from and episode of 1000 ways to die. This episode has been mentioned on here before but it is the first time I remember ever hearing about an AB/DL activity. It's been awhile but if I remember right there is an adult male who is the baby and an adult female who is the caretaker. The adult male ended up dying because he was in his adult sized crib and the bars slide down and he choked to death or something like that. What I remember more than anything from that episode was how horrible and disgusting they made being an AB/DL sound. The show mocked the couple and made is seem like they were pedophiles. I remember at the time I was younger and hadn't quite grasped my feelings towards diapers yet, but I can remember being so angry at that show that I never watched it again. I remember seeing that episode with my cousins and they just laughed and couldn't believe someone would want to do that, and I just pretended to laugh and act like I was shocked too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    depends on the reference, was this awful anti drug campaign from mexico I believe which compared snorting coke to wearing diapers,
    If that's what cocaine is like then hell yeah I'll take a couple grams

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    I still feel a little weirded out when I watch an AB/DL show with my wife. We watched the one with BabyMitch recently and my wife asked if I felt like that. I said that I sometimes do, but that the three in the show were more on the extreme end of being AB/DL. She's read all of the diaper stories that I've written for this site, so she knows how I feel. Still, it's a little weird to reveal that much about oneself.

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    So "The Amazing World of Gumball" seems pretty popular, but I've only watched 1 episode of it when I flipped past it. Surprisingly enough, it had a diaper joke in it- he was supposed to take care of his sister and basically treated her like a baby, even trying to put her in a diaper at one point. Supposedly, there are a lot of diaper references in this show.

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