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Thread: How Diapers have affected decisions you've made?

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    Default How Diapers have affected decisions you've made?

    I watched It's a Wonderful Life over Christmas. George Bailey was able to see what his life would have been had he not been born. I often wonder what my life would be like if I were not into diapers. As it is I think I still live a pretty normal life with a full time job, wife and kids, but what would be different? I can't help but think that some of my life decisions have been altered by my interest in diapers. For instance I did not marry till I was 27 and wonder if my delay was in some way due to diapers. I would have to say that I've thought of diapers more than almost anything else in my life. What if I had been thinking about something else in that time? What would I have accomplished with all those wasted thoughts?

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    I'm not sure that my life would have been much different had I not been interested in diapers and incontinence. These have taken up an enormous amount of my time and thoughts but I w0uld still have been interested in, and wanted to do the same things I do now for the most part. I think not wearing diapers and not dealing with my continence issues earlier in my life had a negative effect, leaving me feeling confused and alienated and unconfident. I was only when I worked with my need to be diapered and to be incontinent that I gained confidence and began to feel more comfortable and settled within myself. I think one of the biggest effects of that was not really taking part in sports in the same way. I have played tennis with a nappy on, I have gone swimming and put a nappy on after, played football and been to the gym, but having a nappy on has restricted those activities somewhat. However, other interests such as theatre and concert going haven't been affected and I don't think it's affected my working life. In many ways, it has given my life structure and purpose. I don't think your thoughts have been any more wasted than anyone else's. If you hadn't been thinking of diapers you might not have been thinking of anything. I don't think it's likely to have prevented you from achieving something that you wouldn't have achieved anyway (but I guess we'll never know for sure!) Don't beat yourself up over it.

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    Well, I hear what you're saying about the time spent with diapers on the brain, but I think I've managed to have a pretty full life, and still have been able to chase my dreamz of being in diapers. While I'll admit, the early years were fraught with anxiety over wearing/getting caught, now that I've settled into it, I don't worry, or have anywhere near the guilt I had back then. It fades with the years.

    To answer directly, yes, I think, had I been given a choice at 2-5 years old, I'd have probably wanted them out of my brain, to leave room for "something" else, but what would that have been? Whips & chains? A desire to smell women's shoes? Wearing panties? Homosexuality? Bisexuality? Who could really tell where you would end up, making the choice away from diapers. As it is, my Lovemaps were formed early, and they stuck, and I'm ok with that now. It hasn't been easy, but it's been relaxing finding my groove, and then being who I was meant to be.

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    So many things. i'm both bowel and bladder incontinent..... I would have played a great deal of sports, I started swimming last year using swim diapers but that's about it. I would have been a lot more active. Probably a little more social, but me being an introvert is sort of me personality.
    I would have definitely been getting up late. Because I have some bowel accidents in the night without waking up for it I wake up early morning everyday to clean up. My routine for that would be non-existent. I would have been more 'out there'. Attending school and college would have been so much easier, no bowel accidents during class, presentations, speeches nothing embarrassing to deal with. No diaper rash, or smell to deal with. I could wear whatever I want to too. There's just so many things which would be different.

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    Since I am not IC and I don't wear 24/7 and I am not an active type person (I'm not into sports or stuff), if I didn't have diapers, my life would not be much different than it is now. I simply would have had a little more time to garden, fix the house and work on my computer.

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    I too when I was younger spent a lot of time fretting over wanting to wear and wondering if I was crazy or something. I'm past that, but I still wonder about all the time that I've wasted with it. What if I could have cured cancer if I hadn't been daydreaming of diapers the last 35 years? I'm just curious what I'd be if I were not a DL.

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    Probably a lot. In school I knew I didn't fit in with others because I liked diapers. As such I had few friends and got brutally bullied all the time.

    After school I was still led to believe I was the only one who liked diapers, and that I should stop liking them. Coupled with the bullying I joined the Marines to try and completely reinvent myself.

    That didn't work, but after the Marines I became much more self confident and embraced my diapers. This also came with a disability discharge that among things made me urge incontinent. I also moved to another state too, for warmer winters to accommodate my broken bones and joints.

    Had I never loved diapers in the first place, I am sure I'd be a completely different person. I'd never give up my diapers now though, I love them too much.

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