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Thread: Hatred for "Fakers" and manipulators.

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    Default Hatred for "Fakers" and manipulators.

    This is more of a story of my past, since I'm opening up a bit considering my last post, where I said things that I wouldn't usually admit, ie abusive household etc.

    That being said, I'm not a person who usually hates, but there are a few people on my "hate list", It's not illogical hate where people go hating others for no reason, there are good bloody reasons xD.

    This is mostly in real life, no one here bothers me at all, even if it seems like they do, that being said lets get back to it.

    Person A: The Faker.
    You know those "fakers", I grew up with this brat, he ruined my very close male friendship with a best friend, along side of his other friend. both manipulated him and his family, and because of that, I've kind of lost a "bond" with both the family and my best friend, and don't even talk anymore because it's something that can't be mended due to this prick. (It's his step brother) I'm the type of person who "loves my best friends" found out I was gay so that explains a fucking lot

    Mental Illness.

    I'll go into a little background, I don't really like to call out fakers, but this guy was so obvious, not only that, is people like him give a bad image to those who are really mentally ill, everyday he had some kind of "mental illness" ranging from bipolar to multiple personalities, he is the type of person who would beat up the disabled, and say, oh I have bipolar, when in reality he fucking doesn't only mental illness he has, and I'm certain of it, is compulsive lying. He would emotionally manipulate people, saying he had a bad child hood, or that his mother abused him, while the mother abused him aspect is true, he goes a bit too far with things, I know what happened I feel sorry for him for that, but he manipulates the story so much, that it's no longer the truth, and if you even mention your own mother around him, he looses it (even got to the point he threw a chair at someones face and had to have stitches), it's stupid as fuck. Only reason I hate him is, if he finds out someone is suicidal instead of helping them, he is the arsehole who constantly tells people to kill themselfs or jump of a bridge, and just being around him makes you energy in the room bad. (i've personally had him tell me to kill myself on multiple occasions, knowing well I was seeing a psychologist for depression) (mother told the mother to keep an eye on me etc) You know chinese whispers? kind of like that, It starts of as true, but ends up something more, fuck wouldn't be surprised if he said his mother was a serial killer on a most wanted list at one point. Also he would go up to people with history of suicide or depression, and tell them THERE the fakers, i've had this happen before.

    To give a bit of detail, is as soon as he found out I had aspergers, (freinds mother told him) I constantly got treated like I was mentally retarted, and is the reason for all the "terrible things I've done" which are non existant, because he twists it around to make himself look like a victim, not only that he would go around telling everyone he had aspergers, and giving it a bad name by doing stupid shit than saying he had it, even went as far as to fake it, and made out he was smart because he had it. Get this, he made out he had a childhood of bullying, growing up, we went to the same school, played on the same playground and area, I only ever saw him bullying others, plus I once had this prick come up to me and threatening to break my nose and kill me, just for self defence, Long story short, someone got me in a head lock and I punched them in the face, they ran of crying. (than had this kid come up to me with a bunch of other kids, threating to kill me and bring on the whole school to bash me up)

    According who he talks to, his religion is different, I always thought he was an atheist, nope apparently he has been 200+ different religions in a week, had one female friend of mine, tell me he was a pagan, and only seemed to be pagan once I asked him around this person, (i know a little bit about paganism and i'm sure as fuck they don't actually worship the devil)... mind you it's quite hilarious. Apparently pagans worship the devil, and don't microwave bacon on fridays.... like no fucking joke i shit you not, people bought what he said.

    His sexuality and gender.
    He is "bisexual" hates men, and bashes up gays, now how does that work out? everyday his sexuality is different, he even makes up sexualities on the spot, even at one point, he called himself "foodsexual" made out he also had a food fetish, and don't get me started on that time he read 50 shades of grey... fucking apparently he was into BDSM and everything.. from what i've heard he full on bashed and abused a female, I don't think that's BDSM.. one of his exes broke up with him because i'm pretty sure he is a sociopath, he twisted everything around to make him look like a victim, had a talk with this girl, turns out he is just manipulating the truth, and they broke up because he is a lair.

    I know that sexuality is something that develops over time, and the development of someone, but how does one go from reading a book about something, than becoming bisexual, than practically being into every fetish, but yet hating other fetishes like furries, and adult babies (not specificly as he doesn't know what that is, but things like furries he hates, type of person who wants to "set them on fire".)

    "He is a leet hacker"
    This is a funny one and full of shit, apparently he hacked optus'es database to give him credit, now to someone who isn't a techie that might seem plausible, but he was playing watch dogs on his "xbox" and thought it was a cool thing and started faking that for a bit. I don't know how someone who doesn't have access to a computer, know how to code in binary, I mean literally, apparently he can write oses in BINARY... like windows, yeah not plausible.

    Person B: The Oh my dad is...
    I don't really hate this person too much, but he would always tell bullshit stories on how his dad is a hacker, and hacked the CIA and that the FBI is going after him, we are Australian, You'll be running away from the ASIO not the fucking FBI, or you'll be running from INTERPOL. (yes FBI might investigate if it was something that occurred in the US) but it's not.

    Person C: The oh he doesn't know what he is on about person.
    The title says it all, this person would claim that no matter what you say is true, that you don't know what your on about.

    Should clarify that person A, is now a police officer, so i wouldn't be surprised if he turns out corrupt, or kills someone.

    I'm just so glad i no longer have to deal with anyone from my old school, broke all contact with everyone, don't want person A slipping back into my life... on the streets i'm sure he'll arrest me or fine me for something i didn't do cause cause he feels like it.

    Long story short with PERSON A, one of my close female friends who said he was pagan, finally worked out he was a bullshitter, and all hell broke lose, poor girl almost had her life ruined because of him, he made up rumours that she was a very bad person, etc. He manipulated a lot of people into hating her, she is one of those "too nice religious people" but she eventually came "crying to me" trying to work out what went wrong, explained everything to me, and told me that she thinks he is a sociopath, than me and her made fun of him for a bit, calling him poo face behind his back. Shame thing happened to all his ex's I don't know what he does, but a lot of people end up hating his ex's making out there bad people, I know this girl, and she is the most caring and loving person in the world, wouldn't hurt a sole, and along he comes, ruins her, and makes her feel like she was the problem all along, kind of felt awful for her as she felt like it was her fault, and felt really bad for it.

    Than get this, a year later of him ignoring her, he tries to get into contact with her, but ends up hurting her more, than I was told, he started to talk to her only to "stalk" her sister and ask her for sex... so yeah this guy is very fucked up, he has convinced a lot of people he is a angel, so I think he may be a sociopath, even turned his own family against me because i caught him out on bullshit.

    I'm also shattered because person A, ruined a very long and true friendship, I grew up with my best friend, we did everything together, and because of him, we grew apart no longer really talk, and when we do I get sad, because it's just not the same anymore, it's awkward. I have terrible social anxiety over the whole situation.

    Best example I can give is literally eric cartman.
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