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    Hello everyone, I usually like to go by SpiritWolf and I am a very open and friendly person that are looking to find more people who shares the same interests as me!

    So, what brought me here? My curiousity and wish for support within this category, I have been into diapers ever since I was a kid, I just didn't think about it back then untill I realized it that it was actually a thing.

    My other interests and hobbies are for the most part gaming, I spend most of my free time in front of the computer. I have played most popular games and while I did enjoy most of them, I am currently playing a game called Brawlhalla, I play it at a really high level competing with the best, so that's what I devote the majority of my free time into.

    School... School's always been a really tricky part for me, I know exactly how important it is, but I've just really lost the motivation and interest as to keep studying, I am currently studying market and economy in high school.

    What am I looking for out of this site? I am not only looking for cool people that share the same interests as me to hang out with, but I am also looking for advice and or support with my current situation, it's a little unpractical to say the least.

    That was it for my introduction! Thank you for reading it and I hope to be welcomed by this promising looking community as I am really looking forward to meet like-minded people.

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    Hello SpiritWolfu and welcome to the group.

    Very good us of the suggestion for introductions.

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Hi and welcome. I used to play a lot of games, but now I just play piano. One or the other takes a lot of time.

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    Ohh, cool! I've actually always wanted a keyboard for myself to play on and practice.

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