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    gonna tap the brain trust here. I've been incontinent for over a year now but only having to wear 24/7 for a few months. I've been in diapers at night for a while but with my symptoms getting worse and worse I had to man up and accept my need for 24/7 diapers. It's been a very difficult decision with ups and downs, trial and error, embarrassment and acceptance and back and forth. But I come to you today not for emotional support in this but practical advice for my daytime wear.

    I'm not super fat but I have a bit of a gut. I'm working on it and slowly losing weight. But this gut often causes the top front of the diaper to fold over outward which can expose the padding and cause leaks. It happens at night once in a while but I sleep on chux to no biggie. IT rarely causes a leak at night and when it does the chux catches it. But during the day, I can't afford embarrassing leaks. I've had a few instances where some leakage occurred and I was able to get to the bathroom and change before it became a huge problem.

    Do you guys know of any solution for this? I've heard people say to fold the top over on the inside but that doesn't work. IT just unfolds over time, fairly quickly.

    I wear Abena L4 or Dry 24/7 to bed and Nortshore supreme lites in the day. I don't have this problem too bad with Dry 24/7 due to the front waistband, but I have fit issues with them and they are the leakiest diaper in my rotation. They're also too much diaper for my daytime needs. The Northshore lites offer the PERFECT level of protection for my needs and are very quite under clothes despite being plastic. I just wish they'd make a rigid waistband on them as I think that would stop the fold over.

    Anyone got any ideas? I'd prefer not to switch brands. I've tried many many brands and these 3 brands work best for me. I'm NOT ABDL and do not want any printed diapers or anything so thick you waddle. I wear to work in a professional office setting.

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    I have had the same problem with the northshore lites and like you I dont really want to change brands because they fill the bill perfectly, Personally what I have found what helps the most is a snug fitting pair of regular briefs or "tighty whities" as we call them. By snug fitting I mean maybe 1 size smaller than what you would normally need is perfect. I also wear wellness superio on occasion and do not have that issue with them but I also do not like them as much as the northshores. Hope this helps

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    Thanks. I wear underarmour compression shorts over my diaper....I bought them a size too small. The are great at keeping things in place for the most part but over time tend to work their way down (I feel like they slide over the plastic diaper easily) and the problem persists. Maybe I need to just step up the weight loss efforts and kill this gut. I don't think this would happen if I had a flat stomach.

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    I had this problem myself with repeated bending, squatting, kneeling, and sitting in a short period of time. What has worked for me is to ensure that the top tapes are right at the top of the diaper and pulling fairly snug and parallel to the top of the diaper. The bottom tapes angle up and can vary on how far they are from the top tapes depending of product, but I always put the top tapes at the very top (1/4" or so below the top).

    I had to get used to this a bit as, at first, it had a tendency reduce the padding in the front and increase it in the rear quite drastically. Now I have gotten used to getting an even fit front to back with this method. It's because of this fit problem and others that I truly feel that adult diapers should have 6 tapes and not four.

    With four tapes they are either too close to the bottom, too spread out from each other, too close to the top, or any combination of these issues. If you have tapes that are spread out with one being on the bottom edge of the wing and one on the top edge, you get a great fit at the waistline and under the cheeks in the rear but a huge gap of material in between. If you move the tapes close together it can be difficult to get a seal on top and bottom at the same time.

    Also, you might want to look into getting a few diaper shirts (aka onesies, body stockings). I've had a few from Abena but I just got some new ones from ABU since mine were old and wearing out fast. These have been fantastic at keeping everything in place, providing a trimmer fit, keeping the odd crinkle to a minimum, and providing a very comfortable and secure feeling. I've got two in white, one in "charcoal" (off black), and one green. I use them as my undershirt and they have been fantastic. I usually wear XL shirts; sweatshirts; jackets and so forth, but at their urging I tried a size small. The small was a wonderful fit. It was tidy, a bit slimming, form fitting but not tight or restrictive at all.

    Your assessment of the compression shorts feeling like they are too slippery and falling off your diaper is correct. A few years ago when I started dealing with this stuff I used compression shorts as well and had the same experience. I have even had them completely slip off the diaper. It is strange feeling having your underpants fall off your rear underneath your actual pants. That's when I started looking for other options. Give a onesie a try, you might find they are exceptionally effective for you. They are for me in any case.

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    worth a shot, thanks, I'll look into onesies.

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    I have this issue. If you're like me, it's because you have a classic case of the muffin tops. My solution is to fasten with the top tapes angled slightly down and the bottom tapes slightly up. I then add small strips of packing tape where the sides overlap, to secure the top a bit more. They'll still slide a bit, but it beats having them roll down entirely. I also should state that I'm not very active when I wear. I'm typically just lounging around playing on the PS4 or screwing around on the internet.

    I'm also stepping up my efforts to lose the gut. I tell you, learning to cook and having craft beer as a hobby are not making this any easier.

    Good luck!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I also like using two tape diapers such as ABU Cushies. They tend to fit nicely in the narrow part of my waist. I'd kill for them to develop a low rise version that wouldn't ride so high up the gut. I'd gladly sacrifice the extra wetting for a better fit. I E-Mailed them the suggestion. Maybe if more people with this issue did too it might go somewhere?

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    I find a weight training belt helps to prevents this. You might find it cumbersome to wear one, but i find them rather comfortable. They're not all big bulky leather ones with massive buckles so you can wear one under an undershirt and easily enough. Just put your diaper on and then put the belt snugly over the top. I've been doing this for years and on the two ocassions it's been mentioned i've just put it down to having a bad back which seemed like a satisfactory answer. If you combine this with a compression vest (the sort that takes a couple of inches off your waist) your diaper definitely won't fold down. You could try the compression vest without the belt, but then you may find that although the diaper doesn't roll down, the vest rolls up! Compression vest and shorts - or is that too much compression for you (there can never be enough for me!)

    Using gaffer tape all around the top of the diaper will also help to stiffen it, but you need to use a pair of scissors to get the diaper off, so don't leave home without them!
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    Easy. Fold the top in when you diaper up. This is a sure fire way to make sure it won't fold out (and leak) due to a slight gut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    Easy. Fold the top in when you diaper up. This is a sure fire way to make sure it won't fold out (and leak) due to a slight gut.
    OP has already tried this and it does not work for him.

    Quote Originally Posted by mikejames View Post
    I've heard people say to fold the top over on the inside but that doesn't work. IT just unfolds over time, fairly quickly.

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