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Thread: Insomniacs Unite: What is the 4am Crowd Up to

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    Question Insomniacs Unite: What is the 4am Crowd Up to

    Lately I have been staying up late, a lot. Probably more than I should to be honest. I found out in February that I was getting laid off this week, and since then I have been like a rabbit in the headlights! Getting fired out of no where sucks, but man does knowing your last day of work a month in advance help pile on the apathy. It is a bad time to be looking to start a new career.

    That combined with a difficult move has completely destroyed my sleep. So here I am up at 4am. The thing is I normally get some of my best work done in the wee hours, so I have been sketching and modeling for a personal project since 12. What do the rest of you lurking insomniacs do when everyone else is asleep?

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    Monday through Friday I need to get up at 0400 so as to be ready and dressed (including my diaper or slip-in pad) for work by 0500. This means I also need to be in bed by 2100 Sunday through Thursday evenings.

    Long ago I had to decide if partying late was more important to me than having my long-lasting career. Call me silly, but I concluded that I love my career more than most parties. If I can take a nap at 1600 on Friday afternoon, then I can stay up like an adult. Same for Saturdays.

    When I sleep while napping, because it usually is daylight, I find I wet a lot more than when I am in bed at night. I must be careful to put on a fresh diaper before a nap. My slip-in pads will not contain the wetting then. At least on weekends at home I can wear a pinned gauze diaper which is as effective while I sleep as when I am moving about.

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    Well, I got good sleep last night, but I often have trouble sleeping. When I'm still awake at 4am, I'm tired of reading, and if I haven't already read through Fark I'll do that. Or, by that point in the 'night', I've turned on some public television.

    That's a last ditch effort for sleep, that turning on public tv. Not that I find it boring--not at all--that's basically the only channel I watch. But early early in the morning like that they either play interesting stuff I'd missed in the evening, or stuff from way back in my childhood. If they're playing the way-back shows, I lay on the floor and pass out.

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    I've been having bouts of insomnia recently, which is kind of unusual for me, so I picked up some theanine at the health food store today. I'll try it out tonight.
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    Not the only one, I used to stay up for DAYS until I started to work again, and now I have to budget sleep in and I would prefer not to even sleep, to me it's a waste of time when I can get things done. I don't like to budget sleep. I hate to sleep unless I have to.

    Oh well. I need to start thinking about sleep myself, cause I have to work at 8am ET.


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    Quote Originally Posted by FittedForME View Post
    I'm usually still at work at 4am...
    Same for me... well, was. I got my hours changed so now I mostly finish at midnight, although I stay back sometimes.

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    Monday through Friday I'm asleep from 11:30PM (when the 11PM news ends) until 6:30AM. Come Friday night, I usually stay up pretty late, probably around 3AM. Then from there I gradually go to bed earlier than the last so that I don't get hit with a brick Sunday night. Saturday I usually go to bed around 2AM, then Sunday I go to bed at 12ish.

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