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Thread: Mobile Broadband is a "SCAM"

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    Default Mobile Broadband is a "SCAM"

    Now, this is more of a rant style topic, but ever come across things like "Mobile Broadband" now my personal connection itself is 4G but it's not mobile, It's home broadband. (I get unlimited)

    Anyways lets get to it, lets say you want 3GB of data, you have to shell out $50, now a person like me uses 3GB even without downloading things very quickly, since most websites chew tons of data just on images, that means Facebook will chew a lot of data per day. (and don't forget the automatically playing videos) so the average joe will eat it up quickly as I learned the hard way.

    Now considering most people pay anywhere from $50-$100 for there home broadband, now we have a look at mobile broadband, lets say this, I use roughly 100-200GB give or take, now get this, so It's $50 per 3

    Not sure if my maths is right, but for me to even pay for mobile broadband a month, I would end up wasting, 66 * 50 = $3300 (if my maths is correct)...

    I'm not sure if people have been convinced by sales people or what not, but lets say I know someone and lets call them Jeff, who thinks that It's cheaper than unlimited home broadband....

    Don't know how they got conned, but they really thing 500MB > 500GB and no matter how much convincing and maths I do to show them, they still think it's cheaper.

    From memory, it only lasts him a couple days, so he is literally shelling out $50 per every 3 days. Even most peoples phones will chew up 1GB, I've had it happen on multiple occasions myself.

    Here is the thing, personally I think it's a money milking scam, just like "speed packs" on fucking cable, I Know with some companies in australia you pay like I think $89 for cable and get like 10mbps? and than if you pay $20 extra you get 20-50mbps. I might be wrong with the numbers, but generally that's how "speed packs work", you get less than your supposed to, than pay more to get faster speeds.

    NBN example.
    (nbn™ 25*, nbn™ 50* and nbn™ 100*. )

    They are trying to do the same thing with the NBN, You've got multiple "speed packs", anyways that isn't so much a problem, but from memory my city is getting the NBN but.... we are getting a fucked up version of it called fiber to the node, which from what I've gathered, is we got the shit end of the deal, as given time the copper infrastructure will get worse. Pretty sure the average ADSL speed is like 2mbps here.

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    Mobile broadband isn't a substitute for home broadband, and whenever I have had to sell it at work I have always been sure to make that perfectly clear.

    Everything in Australia seems unreasonably expensive, but even here it's more expensive for mobile date because you are basically paying for an ISP to supply Internet to a cell tower, and then paying again for it to be broadcast out wirelessly. Then further markup to give both companies profit, and a further markup to try and deter people from using too much and slowing the network right down...

    That being said, I have lived with mobile broadband as my only Internet connection for 3 months. I paid 5 per month for 'unlimited browsing' and by the end of the month used about 90GB without a single complaint from T-mobile. Just got restricted at peak times.

    Mobile broadband is mainly sold to those travelling and want email on the go, and that is perfect for them. Just because its not for your needs in your area doesnt necessarily make it a scam, and I really hope companies there arent trying to mis-sell and scam people with it.

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    The thing to remember with mobile data, is that the distribution of data is limited, there is in fact a maximum amount of data that can be sent out and received by the towers. There is no amount of research that can increase this maximum capacity that developers know of, however they are working on ways to increase the ability to compress data more efficiently. the 50 dollars for mobile data is more expensive then wired data because of this limitation.

    In addendum to the above, I would like to note that I find it rude of companies who specifically design their websites for mobile visitors, and not try to save them data by limiting the amount of #@$# on their sites.

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    Default Mobile Broadband is a "SCAM"

    Shy bug you're getting ripped off for broadband in your country
    I pay 15 for 200gb cable in U.K. A month
    I also pay 13.50 a month on virgin for 3G 5gb mobile internet which I'm on now posting this as I'm a truck driver and here in Uk I can get a good mobile signal more than I can get a TV signal

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    Quote Originally Posted by MommyandMattling View Post
    In addendum to the above, I would like to note that I find it rude of companies who specifically design their websites for mobile visitors, and not try to save them data by limiting the amount of #@$# on their sites.
    Ditto that, although its ads IMO that cause a lot of the issue. Lots of motion and video on the sidelines to get your attention. When you have a screwed up ISP like I do that employs a bucket brigade of illegal aliens to carry your data manually in teacups, its particularly annoying.

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    It's crazy. I only live a few miles outside of Manchester city centre, but my internet speed is appalling. I struggle to get 250kbs down and quite literally nothing up. Mobile broadband is the only way to survive unfortunately until such a time as BT decides they are going to upgrade our cabinets, or a cabled company like virgin is allowed to dig up all the road to cable us.

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