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Thread: How to get my GF, into diapers

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    Question How to get my GF, into diapers


    salutations, I am new here, and well I've been an DL since I was 12, I remember buying some baby diapers in the convinience store and going to a public restroom so I could pee on them.

    I am in a relationship with this lovely lass, she moved to my flat and we started living togeather. She discovered my diapres and she asked me about this, she seems reluctant to the idea, but I am reaching to you for help, how can I get my GF, to understand and if it's possible to wear diapers.

    thanks for the help

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    It's a touchy thing and could go a multitude of ways. She's either going to reel at the idea and want nothing to do with it. Be ok with you doing it and not want to be a part. Be ok and possibly get involved in a caregiver role. Or possibly be ok and want to take part herself.

    The important thing is to not push the issue and follow her lead with it. If she doesn't want to she doesn't want to and you'll most likely just turn her off to the idea more if you press the issue.

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    If she isn't interested, she isn't interested... DO NOT PUSH EVER!!!!!!!

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    Seconded. Getting her to accept you wearing a diaper is one thing (that should be done). But manipulating and convincing her to wear them is another (which should never be done).

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