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    A while ago I picked up one of these jumpers, kind of as a novelty. I don't really trust it to prevent leaks overnight (the elastics aren't non-wicking, and it doesn't provide full coverage around the legs), but whatever.

    Wore it over a Dry 24/7 the other day and it made the diaper an actual 24 hour product! No leaks and the entire dyp was used when I went to change it - normally a Dry 24/7 is worthless, saturated and sagging, and in desperate need of a change while the back is still dry... By keeping everything snug, the jumper really helped the diaper continue to perform.

    I've tried Abena body stockings and onesies before, but nothing did the job like that vinyl jumper.

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    over a T-shirt? otherwise it would be sweaty no?

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    Not over a t-shirt, and yeah, it was a bit sweaty, but manageable. I get sweatier riding my bike.

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    I've got a couple of those I sometimes wear when I'm in the mood. I put it on over a t shirt and they feel very comfortable. No real sweat issues as I was just making dinner and watching TV. They do keep everything nice and snug and mean you can eat your dinner without a napkin round your neck or a shirt protector!

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